Yaro Starak interview

Yaro Starak is a well known blogger, the author of the popular site Entrepreneurs Journey which tells bloggers how to make money online. Yaro recently launched the Blog Mastermind, a training course for everyone who wants to makes money from his/her blog. As we wanted to know more about it, here's our second blogger interview here at CatsWhoCode.

Yaro Starak

1 – You’re the first -or one of the very first- Blog coach. How do you came with this idea?

I knew for a long time I wanted to train people by sharing my experiences. However I wasn’t sure what area to go into. Once my blog became a serious income source I felt I knew enough to teach people and it was information that would genuinely help them to reach a goal we all share – the pursuit of independent living by running a blog based business and earning a full time income.

The timing was right too, given I was in a position as a relatively early adopter of blogging for money and I had the Internet marketing experience to have a good shot at it.

2 – The Blog Mastermind seems to interest a lot of bloggers which joined the course. Can you tell us why the Blog Mastermind is so sucessfull and why bloggers likes it?

Well I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think it’s a quality course. I wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting it so much and having other people promote it for me if I didn’t believe in the product.

Ultimately it comes down to whether it provides value to a certain group of people. People want to learn how to make money blogging and my course teaches exactly that using a step-by-step methodology.
Having steps to take is always more appealing than buying a book or just reading articles if you really want to get a result. You need something that forces you to take action.

3 – Your blog, www.entrepreneurs-journey.com, is very popular, but you’re still increasing the number of visitors and rss suscribers. Do you do any kind of marketing to gain even more trafic, or all trafic now comes naturally, by search engines and people linking to your blog?

I do a little Pay Per Click with AdWords (well I have a company I outsource to that does it for me). I work with partners to do joint ventures, I do a little article marketing, I get interviewed frequently (like now!), and my affiliates send a ton of traffic too. It all comes down to building up lots of different channels for traffic, which is exactly what I teach and practice each and every day.

4 – Some days ago, you featured a video of Alborz Fallah, which is one of the first Blog Mastermind student. In the video, Alborz talk about how he became a million dollar blogger. As a teacher, what do you feel by knowing that you teach him how to make that much money, and definitely changed his life?

I’m Jealous! No seriously, I’m happy for Alborz’s success, although I’m happiest when any of my students start to earn a full time income, since obviously that’s a slightly easier goal than making a million dollars.

Alborz’s story is a great showpiece and he’s working very hard to build a real business around his successful blog. He’s been lucky too, but most of it comes off the back of his hard work and passion for the subject he loves. We should all be inspired by that.

5 – What’s your plans for the future?

This year I have a few more training materials to release, including my coaching program for people who want to launch a membership site using their blog as a launch pad. Besides that I will continue to blog and write my email newsletter and travel the world like I am doing right now.

I’m not really thinking beyond the end of 2008 at this stage. I’ll be back home in Australia for the new year and from there I’ll decide what to do next. Of course throughout this time I’ll be supporting my
students as the top priority.

Thanks for having me on your interview Jean!

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