WP plugins to boost your traffic, leads and sales

WP plugins to boost your traffic, leads and sales

WordPress may be a powerful tool by itself, some plugins can definitely help you to attract traffic and leads. In this article, I have compiled my favorite WordPress plugins for the matter, based on my own experience.

Revive Old Post

As the name says, Revive Old Post is a plugin which aim to a simple goal: giving a new life to your old posts. How? Simply by automatically sharing them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

I installed this plugin a while ago on both CWC and WPRecipes, using the default settings. The results are amazing! The plugin automatically picks a random post and shares it on my Twitter account. Old posts are retweeted, shared, visited again and discovered by new people who weren’t following my blog at the time of the inital post publishing.

Revive Old Post is also available in a pro version with lots of interesting extra features: include hashtags and images, post to multiple accounts at once, custom schedule, and a lot more.



Over the past months, OptinMonster has gained an incredible popularity among bloggers, web marketers and agencies who want to grow their email list.
Why? Because it works.

This plugin’s aim is to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers. To do so, OptinMonster is using an impressive technology called Exit Intent, which detects user behavior and prompts them with a targeted campaign at the precise moment they are about to leave.

I have been testing OptinMonster on many websites and I totally understand the hype about this plugin. I haven’t installed it on my websites yet, but come back soon, it’s only a matter of time.


All In One SEO Pack

Ok, most serious WordPress users probably know this one since a long time. In fact, All In One SEO Pack is one of the most popular WP plugins ever and has been downloaded millions times. As it is extremely efficient and provides great results, it definitely deserves a place of choice in that list.

Once installed, All In One SEO Pack adds a new page to your blog’s dashboard, which allows you to control every SEO-related aspect of your website: XML Sitemap and Google Analytics support, titles’ optimization, meta tags, canonical urls, duplicate content, and a lot more.

This little gem is also available as a pro version, which provides additional features.



What do your readers do when they’re done reading your post? Well, 70% of them simply leave and never come back. This is a shame, right, considering that your blog is (hopefully!) full of amazing content? This is where upPrev comes in handy.

The plugin automatically displays a cool, animated fly-out or a fade box with related content once the reader has reached the bottom of the post. A great way to suggest more content to read and keep people interested by your posts.


SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is a super useful piece of code which turns a user-defined list of words or sentences into HTML links.

There’s two different usages for this plugin: The first one is to use SEO Smart Links to create automatic internal links to your posts. The second is to use it to turn words or sentences into affiliate links, and maximize your chances of getting affiliate commissions.

For example, let’s say that I’m writing a post about WordPress Themes. I configured SEO Smart Links to automatically turn the sentence “Premium WordPress Themes” to a link to WP Zoom, one of my favorite premium WP Themes seller. Then, when I’ll write “Premium WordPress Themes” on this article of mine, it will appear on the blog like this: Premium WordPress Themes.



Obviously, a great way to gain traffic to your blog is to have people sharing your posts on social media. If you want people to do so, you don’t only need great content, you need to provide your visitors with a fast, easy, and reliable way to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media communities.

There’s literally a ton of “Sharing” plugins, both free and premium. So, why is Monarch the best of them? First, Monarch has been created by ElegantThemes, a company that release beautiful and well coded WP Themes since around 2008. Then, Monarch has more features than its competitors: automatic pop-ups, a floating sidebar, fly-ins, over 35 social networks to choose from…

And as the last but not the least, Monarch is fast. You probably know that Google values page loading as one of the most important factors to give you good rankings, so you shouldn’t let a bloated plugin mess with your SEO.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Monarch, I recommend Sharebar which is in my opinion the best free sharing plugin available now.