WordPress Themes for web development and design blogs

If you are (or plan to become) a serious blogger, you need quality tools to build your blog on. Your theme, which controls the appearance of your blog, is a central piece in your success as a blogger. A great theme looks good, but it also needs to be fast and mobile friendly. Here are my picks of the current best WordPress themes for technology, coding, and design blogs.


Singl is a free, one-column theme with a slick and professional look. This theme is extremely easy to customize according to your needs and is, in my opinion, one of the best current options if you are looking for a free theme to start a web development or web design blog.
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Big images, beautiful typography, packed with features: Insight is definitely a great choice if you’re looking for an impressive theme for a coding or design oriented blog.
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Lots of features (integrated newsletter sign-up form, infinitive single post load, sticky menu, etc…) for bloggers who are serious about what they do. A great theme to take your blog to the next level.

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Clean/modern design and aesthetic feel for designers and developers to showcase their content in a contemporary timeless style.
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Great looks, clean code, mobile friendly… if I got a new theme right now for CatsWhoCode, it would most probably be this one. Brought to you by ElegantThemes, premium WordPress Themes veterans, Extra is a top-notch choice for tech, design, and coding bloggers.
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Electus is a clean, modern and totally responsive theme loaded with great features like HTML5 and CSS3 effects. The theme is beautiful out of the box, but one thing that I really like with it is how easy it is to customize it. Its price is also very interesting as Electus is priced half of the average theme price on ThemeForest.
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Another clean looking and clean coded theme for serious bloggers. My favorite feature of it is definitely the possibility of using a huge image on single posts. Perfect for design blogs!
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Corporate is a professional-looking multi-purpose theme that is based on the Themify.me site. Both responsive and Retina ready, Corporate is built for businesses, web apps and freelancers. The theme is packed with multiple features such as video background, animations, social icons, and animated progress bars.
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Next steps

Congratulations on making your blog better by using a quality theme! Now that you have been completing a crucial part of your site, here is a few more steps you should take in order to make a better blog:

Learn how to make your blog faster: the speed of a website is a very important thing to care about, especially since it’s a known fact that Google is incorporating website speed as a factor of how the site will rank. Google has developed a tool called PageSpeed Insights, which allows you to check the speed of your website based on several factors. I checked mine, and it ranked poorly, so I fixed it. This article displays the detailed process of what I’ve done.

Learn the best practices of displaying code in WordPress: if you’re blogging about programming languages, chances are that you often need to display chunks of code in your blog posts. It might seem easy, but unfortunately, sometimes it can become very tricky. In this article, I have compiled my own tips and tricks to easily display code snippets on your WordPress blog.

Learn how to optimize images for the web: in 2016, all modern websites are media rich. Amongst other media, images themselves represent over 60% of the average byte per content type downloaded when a web page is loaded. This is why, in your quest of an optimized, fast loading website, image optimization must be on your priority list. Here are the most common mistakes made by developers and designers when it comes to handling images, and how to solve them.