WordPress in education: Becoming a platform for course delivery and learning

WordPress in education: Becoming a platform for course delivery and learning

WordPress came to existence around the mid-2000s as a blogging platform. It has transcended its original purpose of casual blogging to become an essential tool of web design, pillars of certain industries and is used even in the field of education.

Since then it has tasted immense and even unexpected success over the years and has established itself as a highly sought-after medium serving several high-profile clients. It is widely being accepted by various institutions as a tool for effectively improving the field of education.

WordPress for course management

It is used as a ready-made excellent tool for hosting courses which can be tailored for the all the criteria and requirements as the specific needs call for. WordPress offers the right interface which is necessary for the job. Even though there are quite a few such tools readily available, paid as well as open source, they are mostly restrictive in various ways or needs additional plug ins to serve their purpose which can be time and money consuming. Thus, it eliminates the need for investing in additional systems for a full functionality.

WordPress For providing open content lessons

Blogging is also used to create open content that can be accessed by students from various universities. Be it a one post thing or a series of lessons via open content, this is an extremely useful medium which facilitates in sharing of information and its quick and easy to keep updated. As a platform it is versatile and can be utilised according to the need. This is useful for students so that they can access certain lessons on topics they want, even outside their curriculum, which promotes the love for learning. This helps in eliminating the limits of the classroom.

WordPress for peer review and content sharing

Blogging is a powerful tool used by students all over the world to share their research, development, projects, thoughts and ideas across universities, breaking the barriers of geographical boundaries. This has helped in the creation of a knowledge chain across the globe, enabling students to share, contribute and perform better, within as well as beyond their curriculum. This is particularly useful for peer review as it reaches out to a huge chunk of people within seconds for them to read, review and work on.

Educational blogs for assignments and grading performance

Owing to the influence of the internet and world wide web, blogging is an integral part of education. Academic institutions use WordPress blogs are used by students to compile, share and complete their assignments. It is also used by institutions to grade the performance of the students over the academic session. Being incredibly easy to use and nifty, WordPress has actually become the backbone of the assignment system and its grading for several universities.

Website designing

Plenty of websites have been designed using WordPress. Even though it was not conceptualised as a website designing tool, it has gained huge popularity among web designers all over the world owing to its simplicity, flexibility and wide range of utility. Not only is it used to teach web designing effectively, it is also the platform on which several academic websites are built on, making it a crucial tool in the world of academics.

Right from applying to college to getting the degree, WordPress plays an important role in several major steps that students encounter. Most universities use it for their essential processes, making it an essential tool for education. It is a powerful medium and has rightfully gained its pivotal place with its excellent services and options.

This is a guest post by Stephen Marshall.