Vital tips to assure your online security

Vital tips to assure your online security

As of today, anyone’s online security can be hugely compromised by various types of attacks. However, having an up-to-date knowledge of online security can keep you away from potential troubles.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can engage in many online activities without worrying about compromised security.

First, let’s emphasize the importance of using a strong password. You will have to log into several online accounts using usernames and passwords in order to perform a variety of actions varying from ordering your grocery to sell the shares. You should keep those passwords very strong; a combination of uppercase and lower case characters, numbers and symbols may make a good, strong password. Such passwords are hard to decode. Be sure that you use long passwords too. Also, it is better to avoid using the same password for all the accounts. For those who have problems in remembering passwords, using a password manager can be handy.

The next important thing you should remember in order to assure your online security is maintaining a smart approach when dealing with social media. Sharing your personal information with someone you meet online randomly can be a dangerous approach. Also, some bogus apps shared on social media platforms might ask you to type your login details (which are called phishing). So, strictly refrain from sharing your personal information, contact details, emails and login information.

One of the most common traps found online today is videos. Most of the internet users tend to download when they find an exciting, funny or rare video. Many users don’t think twice when downloading these videos; they are even ready to provide their emails and passwords to unlock download features. This can be really hazardous in terms of online security. Some of these videos may come with viruses, Trojans, and spyware while others may collect your personal information for unlawful purposes. So, stay away from the unknown video download websites (that look suspicious and unprofessional), avoid clicking on exe files you might come across and avoid providing your emails and passwords.

Streaming is another aspect that may make your IP address vulnerable to some intruders. Therefore, when you use streaming, you must use a VPN to ensure your online security. A VPN always masks your IP and replace it with their one to protect your privacy. Also, VPN is a tool that creates a secure and encrypted gateway from your computer to the server of the other end. All the data sent through this VPN gateway will be encrypted and it will be really difficult for intruders to sniff on you.


When you make online payments, you should always be wise enough to use the reputed platforms only. Never provide your credit card information or online bank account information to random websites you come across. If you use your credit card for online payments (even with the trusted platforms) as an additional online security measure, you should check your statements thoroughly and see if there is anything suspicious.

This is a guest post by Katherine Howe.