Top 10 CatsWhoCode posts from 2016

2016 has been a pretty vibrant year at CatsWhoCode! Over 80 articles got published, ranging from subjects like WordPress themes, hosting, PHP snippets and various tutorials. For the first 2017 post, here is a list of the 10 most loved post from last year. Enjoy!

Displaying code in WordPress: Tools, plugins and best practices

If you’re blogging about programming languages, chances are that you often need to display chunks of code in your blog posts. It might seem easy, but unfortunately, sometimes it can become very tricky. In this article, I have compiled my own tips and tricks to easily display code snippets on your WordPress blog.
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Vim cheat sheet for 2016

Since the 1970’s, Vi and Vim are popular amongst developers and are present on most UNIX-based servers. Those free and open source modal text editors can be a bit hard to use at first, but they are extremely powerful. Here is a list of over 130 commands to supercharge your coding with Vi/Vim.
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Good practices for efficient and maintainable CSS

As time goes by and the CSS specification grows bigger, writing efficient and maintainable stylesheet has became a bit trickier than before. Here’s a round-up of best practices, tools and tips to produce super clean, optimized and maintainable CSS files.
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WordPress: Super useful WP-config tips

The wp-config.php file is the heart of your WordPress website, where you can define a wide variety of options to control how your WordPress install works. This article contains a list of super easy tips to take more control of your site using the wp-config.php file.
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Advanced CSS tricks and techniques

The CSS specification is becoming more and more powerful year after year. This round-up showcase advanced and sometimes experimental CSS techniques: Curve text around a floated image, styling broken images, comma-separated lists and more.

CSS fanatics might also enjoy reading this post about the CSS :target pseudo class selector.
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7 free alternatives to popular WordPress premium plugins

While premium plugins are often a very good choice because of the features they offer, many of them actually have lesser known but amazing free alternatives. Here’s a list of 7 popular premium WordPress plugins, including Monarch, OptinMonster and much more, as well as their 100% free alternatives.
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Super useful PHP Snippets

When developing websites, apps or blogs, code snippets can be a real time saver. This article compiles the most useful PHP snippets that I’ve collected over the first half of 2016.
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How to make WordPress faster in 5 easy steps

Nowadays, a successful site means a fast site. Whatever your site is about web development, facebook likes or deathrock, loading speed is extremely important to accommodate mobile visitors and also to get higher rankings on Google search results. This recent and up to date article will teach you how to optimize your WordPress site for speed in just 5 easy steps.
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10 free and stunning CSS tools for working with images

Images are a very important part of any website. Using pure CSS and a few handy tools, you can easily manipulate images and create amazing effects. This article lists 10 free CSS libraries, generators, and techniques for all your website image needs.

And if you’re interested about image optimization, you should also have a look to the The definitive guide to optimizing images for the web.
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Using SQL to manage WordPress: The definitive guide

Ok, this one if from late 2015, but since it’s still super useful and relevant today I decided to include it in this list.

WordPress stores a lot of things in the database. Using SQL queries, you can easily perform tasks that would take a lot of time and hassle otherwise. This article contains over 15 ready to use SQL queries for managing comments and users, batch editing your posts, cleaning up your database, and a lot more.
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