Testi@: A useful tool for email development testing

Testi@: A useful tool for email development testing

I recently got the chance to give Testi.at a try - This handy tool allows web developers to test HTML emails. Email development is an important part of the web development work, however you have to use completely different techniques than when developing a website or app. So, what does Testi.at has to offer? Let's have a look!

For many Email developers email testing has always been a painful task. In fact, setting up over 34 different email clients can take a full day and things change pretty quickly, meaning that you have to test again and again.

This is where Testi.at comes in: This tool allows you to do email testing and visualize your emails in various clients for a 5£ (around $7) fee.


After login to your account, previewing any email is made very easy by a handy drag and drop editor which allows you to import your email in both .html and .eml formats. You can also unpack a .zip file and attach all your images. If images are missing, no worries, you can simply drag them into the editor.
I found one issue with an .eml file from OSX mail and wasn’t able to properly convert it into HTML. Every other .eml files I’ve tested from both Outlook and Thunderbird, worked great.

Another very useful Testi feature is the newly available Spam testing. Using it, you can check how your email is likely to be treated by most popular antispam tools, used by popular email services as such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and much more.

Feeling like giving Testi a try?

So, are you up to give Testi a try? If yes, good news: Visiting the site and pressing the 1, 9 and “k” keys will grant you free full access until October 22.