Super useful online tools to work with images

Images are indeed a big part of a website, and as a developer or designer you often have to work with them. Sure, there's desktop applications like Photoshop or Gimp, but there's also a bunch of super useful online tools to store, resize, and modify images online. Here's a round up of the best tools available.


As a developer or designer, you often need to upload images for sharing them with clients or people you work with. Many websites allow you to do so, but what I really love with Minus is how quick and easy it is: Just drop your image on their website, and it’s online. They’ll even give you a short url so you can share your image easily. No registration required!

Just one request, I hope they’ll add a resize image feature soon.

Smush It

When using images on the web, one thing you must definitely think about is the image size. You need to find the good balance between image weight and quality. Smush It is a tool developed by Yahoo! which allow you to optimize your images without losing quality. WordPress users, note that there’s a WP plugin available.
→ Visit Smush It

Placehold It

When creating a website layout, you often need placeholder images of an exact size. Placehold It allows you to dynamically create placeholder images. To use it in your designs, simply use urls like this: <img src=""> to display a 350*150 pixels placeholder image.
→ Visit Placehold It

Resize images online

Don’t want to open Photoshop just for resizing an image? This site is here to help. Just upload your image, specify the desired size, and you’re ready to go!
→ Visit Resize images online

Photoshop online tools

When it comes to image editing, Adobe Photoshop is definitely the most popular software. Adobe launched a light version of Photoshop which is available online. The online app is quite powerful and has many features. Unfortunely you have to register to use Photoshop online.
→ Visit Photoshop online tools

Pixlr express

Pixlr express is a simple but powerful app which allow you to resize images, add effects, borders, watermarks, etc. The app is free and does not require registration.
→ Visit Pixelr express

Aviary Phoenix

Developed in Flash, Aviary Phoenix is a super-complete and free online image editor. A real “light photoshop” that you can access from any computer, without any registration.

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