SpringBuilder Review

SpringBuilder Review

SpringBuilder is a BetConstruct product, which focuses on the creation of functional, visually attractive and affordable gaming/betting websites. The service is quite easy-to-use, yet it comes with a set of gaming features you have to explore prior to proceeding to the web building process. Read on the review of the system to find out what highlights it offers.

A Word About SpringBuilder

SpringBuilder is a cloud website builder, which comes with an intuitive dashboard, an extensive set of built-in features, customization tools, and convenient drag-and-drop editing options. Working with the website builder is simple for newbies and web design professionals. This is due to the powerful customer support team, rich knowledge base and hints that help solve the entire spectrum of questions users might face when exploring the service.

When you just start working with the website builder, you realize that no special programming skills or web design expertise are needed to enhance the quality of the project and get decent results. You control all the steps of the web design process and decide when it is high time to make the edits, update website content, change the layout or do other actions to boost your website performance.

SpringBuilder Highlights

The fact that SpringBuilder is mostly a gaming web building solution is explained by its rich feature set. When you reach the control panel of the service, you notice that it comprises four major sections, namely the Dashboard, the Elements, the Colors and the Progress. Each section comes with certain parameters and corresponds to the completion of specific tasks.

The Dashboard is the place, where you can get access to multiple design customization tools to give your project the desired appeal. The Elements is the website part, where you can come across widgets you can choose and integrate into your gaming website. The purpose of the Colors section is clear from its name as this is the place, where you can select and modify the color palette of your project. Finally, the Progress section is important, when it comes to the accomplishment of your website design process and control over it.

Having explored the control panel of the service, you should definitely have a look at the design customization tools and general features the system has. These are the elements, which have a notable impact upon the way your gaming website will look and work. Thus, it makes sense to point out the following SpringBuilder highlights:

  • Designer Tools. This is the set of elements, utilization of which can give your website the required color scheme and will help you edit the project typography, modify the design, style, background, and layout of it. SpringBuilder Designer Tools encompass Typography, UIKit and Layout.
  • Multi Language Support. Making your gaming website multilingual is certainly an advantage. This is a surefire way to attract the gaming audience from abroad and make it convenient for them to browse the website in the language they know or speak.
  • Logo Maker.The website builder allows you to create and upload your own logo to the website, which will represent your business and goal to the advantage. You can either design your own logo or upload the existing one to further integrate it into your website.
  • Integration of External Apps. Effective integration with third-party applications and services can boost your website performance. It is up to you to deice, what extensions your website currently lacks. As of today, you may choose between multiple external services like Hotjar, Google Analytics, Zendesk Chat, Disqus, Intercom and what not. The list is quite long and there are many apps to choose from.
  • Casino App. This is one of the most crucial SpringBuilder highlights. It allows adding and managing an online casino. The app is available in the website builder dashboard. This is where you can browse several tabs (Games, Types, Categories, Providers), each of which correlates to the major parts of your casino website.
  • Articles App. The application is handy if you have an intention to add a blog to your website. This is important when it comes to connecting with the target audience. In the Articles App, you can write, add, edit, modify and schedule posts to make your blog a success with the public.
  • Team Access Rights. This feature will be useful to web agencies and teams of website developers, who work on the project development together. By granting access to the website dashboard to all the members of your team, you will contribute to its more effective and quick development.
  • eCommerce Feature. Connecting a web store to a gaming website is a nice idea that will surely pay off. In the eCommerce section of the dashboard, you will be able to add and edit new web store pages, create product lists and their detailed descriptions, add images, discounts, and special offers, select the most suitable payment solutions and perform other actions related to eCommerce.
  • SEO App. Websites built with the system are SEO-friendly. To boost their search engine rating, you can fill out the required meta tags for texts, pages, and images. It’s also up to you to make up a human-friendly URL for your website to make it recognizable for the audience.

Gaming Design Options

Apart from the general website features, it also makes sense to consider the set of gaming features SpringBuilder offers. This matters a lot because the website builder is mainly oriented on the gaming niche and, thus, industry-specific features have notable meaning. SpringBuilder currently comes with the following list of gaming features:

  • Selected Sports Games
  • Winners Chart
  • User Account
  • Mini Games
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Events
  • Betslip
  • Casino Games
  • Casino Favorites
  • Casino Games Category
  • Casino Search

These specialized gaming features will give your website niche-specific design, attracting the attention of users, who are interested in this topic.

Website Design Options

The system allows creating and adding different types of web pages, which will become a useful addition to any gaming/betting website. The Pages section is the place, where you can add and edit the types and the number of website pages, such as:

  • SportsBook (Live and PreMatch). The page, which will be a great contribution to any SportsBook website. It is possible to choose between Live and PreMatch page modes here and adjust the settings based on your web building needs. The default SportsBook page comes with the following ready-made sections: Sports List, Search, Betslip and Live Match. They feature pre-designed content you can change any time with regard to your design preferences.
  • Casino Page. This is where you can add different popular casino games, create your website design, add and manage casino sections and perform other related actions.
  • SportsBook Calendar. Gaming fans always tend to be aware of the upcoming games, schedules, and news updates. This also helps drive the target audience to your gaming website and add a calendar to your SportsBook site.
  • Other Types of Web Pages. To give your website enhanced functionality, you may also consider adding other types of gaming pages to it, such as Pools Betting, Virtual Sports, FinBet, Games etc.

SpringBuilder is mainly used to launch gaming websites and, thus, it has a nice collection of thematic templates. They fall into several sections depending upon the topics they reveal. SpringBuilder template collection currently encompasses the following categories: Sports, Game, Casino, FinBet, Skill Games, SportsBook, Poker, Promotions, Fantasy, SportsBet and more.

The templates are responsive, developed by the system web designers and are initially filled with content you can always change with regard to your website specialization. If any of the available templates don’t come up to your needs, you can make use of a blank theme to design your website from scratch. Apart from gaming or betting websites, the service also allows launching other types of projects.

Customer Support

SpringBuilder ensures 24/7 customer support, which is ready to provide users will any kind of information and assistance they currently need. Whatever problems you face during your website creation, you can always contact LiveChat support. The corresponding icon is available in the lower right corner of your website. They answer each question immediately not to keep you waiting.

Apart from that, the website builder has an extensive knowledge base, which comes with multiple tutorials, how-to instructions, niche-related articles and FAQ that cover the prevailing amount of user inquiries and needs.


SpringBuilder is a cloud website builder, which comes with drag-and-drop editing options, niche-specific template gallery, versatile design customization tools and abundance of outstanding features. The website builder was developed by BetConstruct and, thus, it has a strong niche focus on the creation of gaming or betting websites, even though, it is also possible to create any other project from scratch with it. The highlights of the platform are different page types you can launch with it and specific gaming features, which will give your website unique personalized look.

The website builder allows designing SEO-friendly websites with multilingual support, eCommerce and blogging options. Its customer support team quickly reacts to user inquiries. This creates a fast, convenient and hassle-free web building environment for beginners and experienced web designers.

This is a guest post by Howard Steele.