Parsing json with jQuery

Cool function to parse json using jQuery.

function parseJson(){
	//Start by calling the json object, I will be using a 
        //file from my own site for the tutorial 
	//Then we declare a callback function to process the data
	//The process function, I am going to get the title, 
        //url and excerpt for 5 latest posts
	function getPosts(data){
		//Start a for loop with a limit of 5 
		for(var i = 0; i < 5; i++){
			//Build a template string of 
                        //the post title, url and excerpt
			var strPost = '<h2>' 
				      + data.posts[i].title
				      + '</h2>'
				      + '<p>'
				      + data.posts[i].excerpt
				      + '</p>'
				      + '<a href="'
				      + data.posts[i].url
				      + '" title="Read '
				      + data.posts[i].title
				      + '">Read ></a>';
			//Append the body with the string
//Fire off the function in your document ready
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