How to: Customize your Twitter homepage

Many blog owners uses Twitter to promote their blog and stay in touch with other bloggers. I recently joined, and felt that my Tweeter homepage will be a lot better if I customize it.

8 excellent resources to enhance your WordPress sidebar

Sidebar is a very important part of your blog. Though, it can quickly look the same than in many other blogs. I've compilated 8 excellent resources to help you buid a better sidebar for your Wordpress blog.

Speed Up your Website, Quick!

Have you ever gone to a website that just loads pretty slow, or the content loads fine but the images take foreverrrrr. This is always something that is frowned upon from web master and even basic readers. Maybe you just started your blog or website and haven’t really thought about how fast your website is. Just because you pay upwards of $100 bucks a month for a T3 connection, that still leave out all of the people that steal internet from their neighbors(Wi-Fi)!

Negative comments: 8 reasons why they’re good for your blog

All bloggers loves to receive feedback on their articles. But how do you handle negative feedback? As a blog grows, it becomes more exposed to negative comments. Despite the fact theses comments aren't flattering, they're good for your blog. Here's 8 reasons why.

How spammers spams your blog comments

As a blogger, everyday I’m receiving hundreds of spam comments. I was very curious about how spammers can sends so many automated comments to thousands of blogs. Here's an exemple which demonstrate how to spam blogs using PHP and Curl.

8 tips and tricks to create a killer “advertise” page for your blog

Most blogs are selling ads spaces, or at least, they try. During the last weeks, I visited many blogs and studied how do they spread the info about their ad spots sells. Here is 8 tips and tricks to create a killer advertising page for your blog and attract new advertisers.

5 tutorials to web design, the way

In terms of web design, is a very good exemple of clean semantic code and stunning graphics. Here's 5 high quality tutorials to design like and recreate Apple's menubar, breadcrumbs, stylesheets...