No more anonymity: Directing traffic to your WordPress blog

No more anonymity: Directing traffic to your WordPress blog

Blogging is a journey which can help you to make a lucrative career. Some people might be receiving bulk visits to their blogs but the visitors simply bounce away immediately after opening the page. It is common bloggers, who are new to blogging, to post a lot of content and struggle for getting traffic on their blogs. In that case, you need to follow the guideline given below to get genuine traffic on your blog which makes you all the more famous.

1. Post quality content

Post quality content
To get huge traffic on your blog, this is the basic groundwork. You need to post quality content so that the visitors come again to read your views. For making you content a worth one keep the following points in mind.

  • Add visual aids- For making the blog look presentable add visual aids such as videos, infographics or photos related to the article.
  • Use whitespace- A number of people don’t read the blog, they just scan it. So to give them an easy access to the information use short paragraphs and follow listing format.

2. Take help of social media

Social Media
Sharing content on Social Media is one of the most effective strategies that you can apply to drive traffic to your WordPress blog. This is actually a great way to aware your followers of your latest posts. You can make use of auto-sharing tools to make it easier for you to circulate your posts to several social networks.

While posting your blogs link on social media to add a personal touch to it as this will attract more readers. Furthermore, you should make it easier for your readers to spread your content. So install social sharing buttons at the bottom of each post while using a WordPress plugin.

3. Use breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are links normally found at the top of your site pages that display your current location and helps you to track the preceding pages that you’ve navigated through. If applied accurately, including breadcrumbs to your blog can be helpful to your visitors and search engines. In fact, Google started to embrace breadcrumbs trails into its search results augmenting user’s search experience.

Having it on your blog will make it easier for search engines to know your blog’s structure. Your readers, too, will have an enhanced understanding of where they are on your site. If the topic in the breadcrumb trail is related to their search, they would then click on it helping your site by lowering bounce rate and improving user site familiarity at the same time. You can install Breadcrumb NavXT plugin to add this attribute to your site.

4. Use appropriate keywords

Using relevant keywords in your blog post can help your blog post to be ranked higher in the search result. While adding keywords think like a searcher and then add them. Don’t just add keywords to the post but also use keywords in the title of your post.

5. Insert a newsletter sign up form

Combining a mailing list (or a newsletter sign up form) is an incredible way to bring repeat visitors to your site. E-newsletter allows you to nurture your relationship with your subscribers by sending new updates with a private touch, and sharing important content. However, keep in mind to send something practical and interesting rather than just sending a newsletter with full of promotions.

6. Use Google analytics

Use Google analytics
Google Analytics is a tool which is free of cost and should be used to add traffic to your blog. This tool can give you a lot of information, such as where your traffic comes from, new VS returning visitors and which sites are getting you with high-quality traffic. Most bloggers believe Facebook and Twitter as outstanding channels. But it usually depends on the type of website that you have. By using analytics, you’ll know which parts of your internet marketing campaign are operational and which ones need more enhancements. The information it provides is vital so don’t ignore it.

7. Make your blog easy to follow

It actually looks like something obvious, but the easiest way to build more awareness is to make it simple to do so. Be certain that you have the follow widget as visible as possible. If your readers get a notification the moment you post, or see your post in their reader, there is a much higher probability that they will revisit your blog.

8. Take part in question and answer sites

There are a number of questions and answer sites such as, Quora, Yahoo! Answers etc. Consider participating in them to get more traffic to your site. When you use these sites, however, make sure to answer only high-quality questions. Even try answering questions that can provide important information to those who visit the same.

9. Become a guest blogger

Become a guest blogger
A great number of people discourage guest blogging but still, this method is a great way to persuade more readers to your site. In order to make the most of its benefits, you must only guest blog on sites pertinent to your blog and make sure the site you’re writing for offers quality content.

When you take the permission of the blog owners for a guest post on their site, you might get “no” as the answer. Don’t be disheartened with early rejections. When it comes to Internet marketing, diligence does pay but don’t annoy blog owners to be a guest on their blogs. You may lose your chances of getting your post available on their sites. Even opt for web hosting review.

In the end, don’t give up

You won’t see traffic build-up suddenly when you practice those strategies mentioned above. As long as you do them constantly, you’ll see traffic increase in the next few months. Most new bloggers have a tendency to give up simply if they don’t see positive outcome right away. It takes time to grow the audience so keep learning and be uncomplaining and the result will surely come.

This is a guest post by Madan Pariyar, a digital marketing strategist helping clients to resolve their website woes. When not busy with all things, you may find him occasionally watching movies, traveling and spending time with his family.