Negative comments: 8 reasons why they’re good for your blog

All bloggers loves to receive feedback on their articles. But how do you handle negative feedback? As a blog grows, it becomes more exposed to negative comments. Despite the fact theses comments aren't flattering, they're good for your blog. Here's 8 reasons why.

You can be wrong

Yes, really. Everyone can make a typo, forgot to say something important or just being plain wrong. In theses cases, the negative comment is just a way to improve your article. Blogging is all about exchange: You give to your readers, why shouldn’t they give to you?

Criticized posts are…popular posts

Last month, our “How to: Customize your GNU/Linux desktop in 7 easy steps” article hit front page. Many readers and digg users left negative comments on the article, mostly saying that the article was for Ubuntu instead of GNU/Linux. It can be very easy to think that this article sucks because of the important amount of negative feedback. But hey, wait. You said, it hit front page, right?
So, despite the negative comments, more than 700 people digged this article, which is definitely not a bad deal!

Negative comments on your blog shows that you respect your readers and their thoughts

Some blog owners delete negative comments. Sure, negative comments aren’t flattering, but well, if you provide a way for your readers to express their views about your article, you should respect their right to criticize.
Not censoring negative comments shows that you respect your readers point of view and that you are an open-minded person.

Negative comments can create a debate

Debates are always a good thing for your blog: They encourages rss subscriptions, comments and can provide new backlinks.
So, when someone left a negative comment, maybe another reader will respond, and a new debate will start, which is good for your blog.

Negative comments don’t devalue your blog

When I was younger, I use to think that a negative comment can influence other people. But people have their own advice about things. If I find a very cool blog post, I’ll leave a comment saying I loved it, nevermind if 1, 5 or even 10 peoples left negatives comments.

Negative comments are…content

That’s simple as that. A comment is content and there’s nothing better for seo than content.

Only the unknown aren’t criticized

Think about Microsoft: If you google the term Fuck Microsoft, you’ll get 418.000 results. That’s really a lot of people who doesn’t like them. But they’re also being criticized a lot because it’s a very big company and everyone knows Microsoft, even my grandmother.
As a blog grows, it become more and more exposed to negative feedback. Negative feedback is definitely a good indication of growth.

What about you?

And you, what’s your thoughts on negative blog comments? Do you hate it, or do you think it’s a great way to improve your blog general quality? Let’s talk about it.