Monstroid vs. BeTheme: A comparison

Monstroid vs. BeTheme: A comparison

When choosing a great website template, you have to keep in mind that your visitors really don’t care how beautiful it is. They visit it for a notable content and great functionality. in this article, guest writer Andrew Litvin discusses the pro and cons of two WordPress themes made for functionality and great content: BeTheme and Monstroid.

When choosing a great website template, keep in mind that your visitors really don’t care how beautiful it is. They visit it for a notable content and great functionality. The simpler, user-friendly, easy to navigate and readable your website is, the longer your audience will stay with you. Provide them with the needed information they are looking for and this factor can assist your brand and online success.

It’s not a secret that website templates have changed web design industry. The website template is a perfect solution developed by professionals, which contains well-organized form and function. It helps you to save time and money leaving you more attention to focus on exceptional content. The Internet is full of such great solutions and sometimes it takes too much time to make a right choice. Though today we suggest you pay attention to all-in-one solutions in the web design industry. They are called multipurpose themes and are aimed to suit any type of business project. Due to a big number of useful features included there, they are enormously popular.

So, let’s make a comparative performance of two multipurpose WordPress themes to help you figure out their benefits and make the right decision when choosing the most suitable one. Here they are Monstroid from TemplateMonster and BeTheme from ThemeForest.
Okay, we will start from the main important features, which can assure you the creation of a great website in minutes.

Child themes

Both templates boast a compilation of fully functional and stylish child themes, which allow you to increase the speed of the developing time. Monstroid offers 45 ready-made child themes to download right from the Dashboard, while BeTheme offers a great batch of 210 child themes ready to go right out-of-the-box.
Winner: BeTheme


Monstroid Dashboard contains the whole information you need to know about the theme, useful links to the important documentations, a quick start guide for beginners and video tutorials for users. BeTheme, unfortunately, doesn’t provide users with such an option.
Winner: Monstroid


To install Monstroid package download the Monstroid Wizard plugin first, and then activate it via Dashboard. However, the theme is possible to be installed manually, if Wizard option doesn’t fit you. BeTheme focuses on the improved version of Muffin Builder 3. One click demo installation, 220 pre-made layouts, and time-saving options meanwhile are included, as well.


Based on the last Cherry Framework 4.0 version, the theme presents you a powerful foundation with a set of advanced tools to build up your successful website effortlessly. Monstroid features a fully responsive layout compatible with all modern digital devices and screen resolutions. Among other great advantages may be highlighted following smart add-ons, such as Google Analytics, HTML5 and CSS3, BBPress and BuddyPress extensions, 404 content, maintenance mode, Cherry’s backup function, and other 15 premium extensions, as well.

Theme Options

  • Grid. This category includes the major layout configurations from responsive grid to container width.
  • Blog. Modify your blog pages in a creative manner, display needed images, set required dimensions, specify the length of your content part, add some buttons, etc.
  • Styling. Implement this part to make changes in colors, images, positions and attachment.
  • Color Schemes. Adjust almost all theme elements here, such as format, additional colors, typography, etc.
  • Navigation Settings. Find this section quite useful to specify some particular adjustments.
  • MegaMenu. Install the Cherry MegaMenu plugin first, and then detail menu location, animation effects, activate event menu, etc.
  • Options to Manage. This part contains different options to adjust the main design elements of the theme. Make changes in header and footer options, set typography type, etc.
  • Cookie Banner. Another important part of the customization process. Display your audience a cookie banner message.
  • Simple Slider. As soon as Simple Slider plugin is activated, you can make adjustments for displaying slider on site.
  • Olark. Enable/ disable Olark plugin as per your wish.
  • Style Switcher. Install the Style Switcher plugin first, then you can make configurations in the appearance of your website.


BeTheme multipurpose theme boasts a lot of features, which are beneficial if you need to build up a unique and successful business project online. It’s totally worth its value due to a clean code, amazing and modern design, and multiple layouts. It caters you a stunning visual appearance, mobile-friendly design, and user-centric interface.

Theme Options

  • Base Grid. This section presents 5 possible grid styles.
  • BeTheme can be used to build up one-page websites with visually appealing scrolling effect to gain popularity online.
  • 20 Customizable Header Styles. Change the appearance of your page, upload logos, set colors, fonts, and more.
  • Unlimited Color. Switch the color of almost all design elements of the theme in demo.
  • Widgets and Sidebars. Modify the structure of the website with the help of widgets, and control position and width of the sidebars simply.
  • Built-in MegaMenu. Organize the large menu solution for your website. Change settings for columns and rows, use icons, etc.
  • Custom Backgrounds. Implement this part to switch custom backgrounds via different options for images, their position, etc.
  • 6 Column Support. Configure your website structure in a user-friendly manner while using one of 6 different column combinations
  • Layout Configurator. Implement this feature to build custom layouts for different looking web pages.
  • Powerful Admin Panel. It provides you a lot of great editing options to help you modify your theme with ease.
  • RTL support. If your business is aimed to be multilingual, BeTheme includes such an option, as well as RTL full support feature.

Winner: draw

Shortcode generator

Both multipurpose themes include the shortcode generator, which allows you to build up your web pages effortlessly. Create different types of shortcode templates using your imagination. You will be delighted to make any switches in default shortcode templates in case your business requires.
Winner: draw

PSD files

Another common feature for both templates. BeTheme includes 18 PSD files with a UI kit, as well. Monstroid offers 129+ fully customizable PSD files, which can be used both by experienced users and beginners. Use, edit and modify them for free to change the look and feel of your website.
Winner: Monstroid

Multiple layouts

BeTheme comes with a compilation of 220+ pre-built websites, which are easy to install. Try this amazing designs suitable for any type of business goals, be it a news portal, entertainment web page or political website. Simply modify it and impress your potential customers. Monstroid presents some useful pre-designed pages to make a more user-centric interface. Select Blog, FAQ, Testimonials, Contact Us, etc.
Winner: BeTheme

Theme Backup Feature

Monstroid can boast a very useful theme backup feature with the availability to save any changes while editing it and roll them back if it is required. Thus, you obtain some freedom during the customization process. By the way, BeTheme doesn’t offer such an option.
Winner: Monstroid


Monstroid presents a MotoPress Page Builder for creation a website with less coding experience. This premium feature is integrated into Cherry Framework and is used for free. Without touching any line of code you can make some configurations for adjustment of size, position and other specific design elements of your website.
BeTheme package comes with a Visual Composer plugin. Beginners will appreciate it and will be able to create various types of pages easily.
Winner: draw

Sample data

BeTheme as well as Monstroid theme contain sample data, which shorten the customization process and save your time.
Winner: draw


In case you need to build up a visually appealing website, add some great and high-quality images to impress your audience and make them stay on your website longer. Monstroid suggests you use 50+ licensed images. BeTheme is lacking such a possibility.
Winner: Monstroid

As we see, both multipurpose themes bluster great and time-saving editing tools to help you create a visually engaging business project online. When making a choice think of proper custom support and regular updates suggested by the themes’ developers. Another common and important factor included in these themes is the responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility to set up a readable and accessible website from all modern digital devices. If you think you don’t have enough information you need to make the right choice, please find more details for each of two multipurpose WordPress themes below.

This is a guest post by Andrew Litvin.