Microthemer: a code-free visual WP theme and plugin editor – only $17

WordPress' open-source nature offers a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to creating and adjusting your themes. But if you're not an expert in HTML or CSS, it can be a major hassle! Well, put your frustrations aside, because with Microthemer from Themeover, you won't need to know even one line of code.

This incredible Visual Design Plugin will let you easily customize any WordPress Theme visually, without any coding. Not only does it allow you to create a responsive design of your theme, but you can edit the look and feel of your site right on your site itself. Act fast, though, because for a limited time only, you can get this amazing plugin for more than 60% off the regular price.

Microthemer Visual Design Plugin Highlights:

  • No Coding Necessary:
    Easily customize your WordPress theme right from an intuitive admin screen, without knowing HTML or CSS.
  • Customize The Appearance of ALL WordPress Themes and Plugins:
    Microthemer lets you customize ANY WordPress theme and plugin, without the need for pre-configuration.
  • Edit Directly On Your Website:
    Editing options are loaded right on top of your actual website. Just point and click on your site and edit the template.
  • Swap in Tons of New Fonts:
    Visually browse through Google Web Fonts within the app itself and add them to your page with just a single click.
  • Mistake Proof:
    Simply roll back to any of the previous 50 revisions if you make a mistake.
  • Create Responsive Designs for Multiple Devices:
    Preview your site in a variety of different screen sizes and apply different styling to each specific device without worrying about writing any codes at all.
  • 80+ CSS Properties:
    Includes a choice of more than 80 CSS properties to style every element in your theme.
  • Build Your Own Theme Library:
    Archive your designs and pile up an entire library of design packs. Then import any of them any time you like.

Microthemer normally sells for $45 (for the Standard license for 3 websites), but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic visual design plugin for only $17 – That’s more than 60% off theregular price, OR get the Developer License, which allows you to use Microthemer on an UNLIMITED number of websites, for just $39, instead of the regular price of $90.

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