WordPress All-in-one Contact Form

If your like myself and hate using loads of plugins to do the simplest of things then this ALL-IN-ONE contact form is perfect for you. Honestly you literally just need to COPY & PASTE the snippet directly into your template and of you go. This contact form automatically grabs and uses the admin email address, blog title and website url for the form, creates error responses and displays an alternative thank you page on submit. It also has the WordPress 'the_content' feature so you can add additional content if needed and comes with a send response feature.

I'd love to hear any feedback on this and welcome all comments. I hope you all like and enjoy this small snippet.

Activate WordPress link manager

As of WordPress version 3.5 (and newer) they have left out the Link Manager link in the admin area. This bit of code in your functions.php will bring it back.

Count user posts on a WordPress site

A small but usefull snippet which is great for the author page or for open website which have multiple authors and returns a count of author posts... Please note that it currently returns published & pending posts but this can be changed easily by adding the status parameter to get_post request.

Bookmark (aka: Link) Shortcode

I wanted to use the built in WordPress admin link manager (now referred to as bookmarks) on a big site where links (especially external links) may occasionally change and be referred to in many places. Now I can manage my links in one place and by placing this snippet of code in the functions.php file I can use a shortcode to bring up any link by it's id.

Restrict wp-admin access to certain users

Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will restrict wp-admin access to certain users as defined at


And also still allows for user access to admin-ajax.php , async-upload.php .