add WWW to URL

Standardizing your URL is important mostly for search engines, and like that we avoid duplicate url's for the same page.
Add this snippet to your .htacces file, and all your URL's will have WWW

Block/reduce WordPress spam comments via .htaccess

Akismet key is a useful tool to prevent spam comments, however, it is not a possible solution for every WP site, so another easy (cut n paste) solution is this htaccess snippet that blocks spam comments.
Most spammers attack your site form "wp-comments-post.php", at the same time you prevent extra load on your server.

Paste this code into your .htaccess file.

Detect iPad using .htaccess

You can see that this code uses one of the available server variable which is User Agent and checking for the ipad using regular expression. If that condition satisfies then it will perform the redirection step just below it.