How to design amazing images with Crello

How to design amazing images with Crello

Crello is a web-based software that lets you create amazing graphic designs even with zero graphic design skills. There are thousands of templates for you to get started with, several formats and millions of elements at your disposal - all you need is to combine all these resources.

Why you should try Crello

Crello is an online app that lets you design images online. You basically just need to select a template and do a little editing in order to have a quality image for illustrating your blog or website. Crello’s templates have been designed to meet standard dimensions and quality, and the app lets you import your own images and fonts.

Crello also has some premium features, but none of them is compulsory. So you can only pay for them when you are satisfied with your design, there are no hidden charges for any other services provided by the Crello tools. All designs are rendered in HD and many different output formats are available.

Let’s try out Crello

Let’s now give Crello a try and create a simple design. In this short tutorial, we will be using one of Crello’s templates in order to design a poster to advertise an upcoming party. This should just take about 10 minutes and we’ll be having a professional looking design.

The first step we need to take is to create an account on Crello’s website. Visit with your browser and click on the Sign Up button located at the upper right corner of the page. A box will appear, presenting three different options to sign up; Facebook, Google or the classic default option, where you use your email and a password.

If you choose the default option, fill the form with the required information, and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email to set up your account. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be redirected to your Crello account page.

Now that we have a Crello account, we can freely make use of its resources. On your account homepage, you will find several available templates: click on the poster template and you will be redirected onto the editing page.

Basics of designing graphics are the image dimension and the color theme. I personally love darker color themes because they make designs look so classy. If we are not going to change the dimensions and are going to find a party poster template with a darker look, locate and click the search tab on the left corner of the page, input night party in the search box, then hit the enter button to run the search.

I scrolled down through the results, and right there I found a dark poster template that fits my needs. Now, simply drag the template inside the workspace (the white rectangular space) in order to edit it.

Once your template is inside the workspace, it’s ready for full editing: you can zoom to get a better view, and you can undo and redo each action you performed on the design. You also have buttons that allow you to save and continue later, as well as the ones to share and download the design. In this screenshot, I zoomed to 40%.

Now I’m going to start modifying the text, leaving the font and colors as they were.

  • Change the “EVERY FRIDAY” to “FRIDAY 27TH APRIL.
  • Hold the shift key, click on “9 PM TILL LATE” and “FRIDAY 27TH APRIL” text, they will be selected as a single element, move them up a bit to leave some space between them and the “JAZZ NIGHT” text.
  • Now I’m going to click on the text tab, then drag “ADD HEADING TEXT” to the space created in the previous step. On the floating option box, I’ll change the text color to match the rest of my design. Modify the default text to “CRELLO FAN” and place it directly on top of the “JAZZ NIGHT” text. Enlarge it to fit the same width as the text using the resizing controls.
  • To use my own image I must upload it first. Click the photos tab and go to upload, browse your local disk to find the desired photo and upload it. Once done, drag the uploaded photo onto your design, resize it if needed, then place it beside the bands’ text, and tilt it a little to give it a fancy look.

At this point, we should be having a design that looks like the image below:

If yes, we just completed the design, and now it’s time to save it for future reference, and then download it for usage. Click on the save button, then click on the download button.
There are five different formats in which you can download your design; JPG, PNG, and PNG transparent are ideal for web and desktop usage while PDF and PDF prints are ideal for printing on materials.

It is also at this point you are required to pay for any premium elements you might have used in your design.
Here is the final product of the designed poster.

As you can see, it is very easy to create amazing designs with Crello.

This is a guest post by Moyena Laxman.