How to: Customize your Twitter homepage

Many blog owners uses Twitter to promote their blog and stay in touch with other bloggers. I recently joined, and felt that my Tweeter homepage will be a lot better if I customize it.

The idea

Step 1: Defining background color

Twitter blue is nice, but since my twitter account is related to my blog Cats Who Code, I thought that it should be a lot better if I use the same color scheme as CWC uses.
To do so, get the hexadecimal code for your site background color, and then go to twitter settings.
Click on the Design tab and fill the form with the colors you want.
Easy, isn’t it?

Step 2: Photoshop design

It’s time to be creative and design a sidebar image in Photoshop (or The Gimp). I started by taking a screenshot of my current Twitter homepage, so I can use it as a guide in Photoshop and know exactly where the blank parts are.

Once you have done your design, simply save the image.

Step 3: Import the image in Twitter

Twitter allows you to use your own background image. You just have to go to twitter settings and click on the Design tab. Choose the image, and you’re done.

Pros and cons

Right now, you have a nice customized Twitter page. Though, the problem of this hack is that people still using screen resolution of 1024*768 pixels and less will not see the background image. According to Cats Who Code stats, less than 15% of people still uses 1024*768px resolution.

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