Guest posts guidelines

General guidelines

  • Content must be 100% unique and related to the topics covered by CatsWhoCode.
  • Content should be between 500 and 900 words.
  • Content should be written in HTML. No Microsoft Word please.
  • Content should be 100% free of spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • Content must contain an excerpt, without any links in it.
  • A featured image is required. Size: 766*350px.


  • Capitalize sentences, not words. Titles should be like “Super useful tools” and not “Super Useful Tools”.


  • All images should be copyright free and of good quality
  • All images should have a width of 766px.


  • Links are dofollow, unless you want them otherwise.
  • Please always add the target="blank" attribute when linking outside of CatsWhoCode.

Examples of guest posts:

Those guidelines can be updated at anytime.