Giveaway: Win a license for the Salon booking WordPress plugin

Giveaway: Win a license for the Salon booking WordPress plugin

Today, I'm happy to introduce a new giveaway here on CatsWhoCode. In one week, a lucky winner will receive a free license of the amazing Salon Booking WordPress plugin, a plugin that finally makes appointment booking easy for both the site owner and the users.

Introducing Salon Booking

What is it?
A complete and easy to manage appointments booking system for busy barber shops, beauticians, therapist, tutors and whoever sell his skills and time to live on appointment base.

Who is it for?
Freelance web designers and web agencies that need a reliable solution for wordpress based projects where an online appointment booking system is required.

Which business fields can benefit from this system?

  • Hair dresser salons
  • Barber shops
  • Beauty salonSs
  • Spas
  • Car shops
  • Therapists
  • Tutors
  • Hourly based rental shops

What make this plugin different from the others already on the market?
Salon Booking is focused on specific needs of hourly based, “to-persons” services provided upon appointment. Is not-for all solution but is specific niche market focused solution.

What are the plus of Salon Booking?
Providing all those settings that allow to replicate all the common characteristics of our customers real business in order to control all crucial appointment bookings processes.

What’s the pricing of Salon booking plugin?
The pricing goes as follow:

  • Single activation PRO license: 69 euros
  • 5 activation PRO license: 149 euros
  • Unlimited activations PRO license: 229 euros

There is also a free version of the plugin available on:

How to enter the giveaway

Entering our giveaway is simple and easy: Just comment on this post, and you’re in! In one week (March 8, 2016), the lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced in the comments. You’ll receive your fee license for the plugin directly on your email, so make sure that it is valid!

If you don’t want to wait or participate to the giveaway, I negociated for you an exlusive 20% discount for CWC readers! Head over the Deals page of the site to grab it.

Now, good luck everybody!