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How to install HTTPS on your WordPress site – The easy way

HTTPS (HTTP + SSL) is a transfer protocol that ensures a secured connection between the client and the server. This article shows how to easily add HTTPS support to any WordPress website in order to make visitors more secure and enhance the average quality of your website.

Characteristics of quality WordPress hosting

With a plethora of offers from thousands of hosting companies, it's not always easy to know at the first glance what kind of hosting plan will be the best fit for a WordPress environment. Although the open-source software is compatible with most hosting offers, there are things to look at for maximum performance.

10 things to do right now for a better WordPress site

If you want your website to be successful and useful to your readers, there's always something to improve. This article presents a checklist of 10 things to do right now to drastically improve your WordPress site quality, loading speed and usability.

The ultimate guide to your WordPress Vlog theme

In the past 5 years starting a blog and writing about your passion, hobby, work or relationships is something that a lot of us decided to do, and WordPress themes have made our blogs customizable, professional, and elegant. But, this is the year of vlogging. Vlogging is the new blogging bringing you closer to your readers. Videos allow your users to get to know you and see you in a different light. So here is what you need from a WordPress theme to vlog like a boss.

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Top 10 WordPress themes for your online projects

Are you looking for an affordable solution to promote your business online? We've got top 10 WordPress themes for different online projects that may fit your needs.
So, what is here for you: a multipurpose theme, finance & accounting theme, style & fashion theme, news theme, barber shop theme, real estate theme, agricultural theme, fitness theme, and business theme.