Top Google fonts for your designs – In action

Google Fonts is a repository of free, open-source fonts that you can use when designing a website. This article lists 6 of the most interesting fonts available, practical examples of the fonts in use and a few tips to optimize websites using Google Fonts.

Cloudways makes it easy to get started with your WordPress website

Getting started with cloud requires some degree of technical expertise. For the general, non-technical audience, cloud and its associated technologies can be too much to consume. If someone is coming from the route of shared hosting, it is specially difficult to be convinced of the benefits offered by managed cloud hosting. This is true for startups, small businesses, and agencies that need to be focused on creating customers, rather than managing their servers.

7 Great Web Design and WordPress Deals

Having a website is the most effective way for you to build your brand. Whether it’s a personal or business site, it should not only include original content, but look great and work even better.

As you know WordPress is free to use, and you can even host your WordPress website for free. Still if you want to have more control over your website and you want it to look professional and offer great user experience to your site visitors, you will have to invest in some advanced page building tools. If you’re thinking about getting some helpful web design products we recommend you to check this article first because it features discounts from trusted companies on web hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and more.

Black Friday: Best deals for developers and designers

This week end is that time of the year where you can save a lot of money on your online purchases. From hosting to WordPress themes, I have compiled the best deals for developers, web designers, and website owners. Those are only available for a few days, so hurry up and grab those bargains!

Vim cheat sheet for 2016

Since the 1970's, Vi and Vim are popular amongst developers and are present on most UNIX-based servers. Those free and open source modal text editors can be a bit hard to use at first, but they are extremely powerful. Here is a list of over 130 commands to supercharge your coding with Vi/Vim.