Design tips for creating a website logo

There’s no doubt about it. Every website needs a logo. It’s not just a placeholder at the top of the website or used as the site’s favicon. A website logo helps establish brand trust and recognition. If you’re new to website logo design, however, it can take some practice to design an effective DIY logo for you or your clients. Start by checking out these design tips for creating website logos.

Best Adobe Lightroom presets for 2017

If you are a Photographer who is familiar with Lightroom for developing your photos, then you will no doubt be aware of the power of presets. Presets are settings that when applied to your photos can give a whole range of different effects and styles and they can also speed up your post production schedule allowing you to process entire photoshoots quickly. Lightroom presets can be used for many different styles of photography, some popular sets include landscapes, newborns, portraits and weddings.

Improve your designs with these 4 must-have Photoshop downloads

No matter what your website or blog is devoted to, beginning from homemade cookies or beauty secrets to high frequency trading or online courses, good graphics is one of the things that will make it look more professional and trustworthy. If to take into account that you can’t always find what you need on stock photography sites, heading over to Photoshop and making your own graphics is often the only option. If that’s exactly the case with your site, there are some add-ons for Photoshop you will definitely appreciate – these four downloads will give you all kinds of options a graphic designer might need.

New year, new goals – How to enhance your blog in 2017

With a new year often comes a new resolution. Are you looking to enhance your blog in 2017? If yes, you'll be interested in checking my list of ideas on how to take your blog to the next level during the year.

Top Google fonts for your designs – In action

Google Fonts is a repository of free, open-source fonts that you can use when designing a website. This article lists 6 of the most interesting fonts available, practical examples of the fonts in use and a few tips to optimize websites using Google Fonts.

SuperSpray – One of A Kind Image Spray Add-On for Photoshop – only $9

If you're looking for a really unique tool to add an interesting twist to your already amazing projects, take a peek at SuperSpray! This incredible Photoshop Plugin by Design Rocket lets you spray transparent PNG images anywhere on your canvas. You're basically replacing the paint in your palette with images. Use your own images or any of the 22 built-in objects.