Are you still thinking of starting your own web resource?

Are you still thinking of starting your own web resource?

Now it's about time to make it! Information technologies give you a chance to make money no matter where you are or to start your blog and make this world a better place. It doesn't matter what kind of web resource you are thinking of, the most important part of your internet presence is a web hosting.

So, you could ask me about the best and cheapest hosting you can find. Therefore, today I’ll share my thoughts with you about 7 important aspects of quality web hosting. Let me tell about my experience and introduce you to Veesp.

After days of research on finding the ideal host for my project, I found out that it’s not always as easy as I used to think. First things first.

1. Requirements

Depending on your project, the server’s hardware and software requirements can be quite different. Analyze your needs carefully, and read on to have a better understanding of what your website may need.

2. Type of hosting

If you are creating a blog or a site based on WordPress, many people would actually recommend you a regular shared hosting plan or a special optimized WP hosting. There are also a lot of cloud hosting offers but many of them just are marketing tricks.

I’ve encountered a lot of scams, that’s why I always favor a simple VPS which I can easily manage from a control panel. The main difference between shared hosting and a virtual private server for me is that I’m not sharing any resources of my server with anybody and the price is often the same. Veesp has a wide range of Linux and Windows VPS, and all of them have KVM virtualization which is reliable and stable. Click here to Check out their SSD VPS.

If you are planning to make an e-commerce or a resource-demanding web project, a dedicated server is a much more favourable option.

Veesp also provides dedicated servers, but those are unmanaged servers, which means that you need to have sufficient knowledge or have an administrator in your team. Actually, sometimes it’s even cheaper to hire a specialist for the project and get an unmanaged server than buy a managed service.

And ultimately, you can create your own custom solution with the Veesp server constructor.

3. Tech support

What I liked a lot with Veesp is their support. While being a client of a big brand company can be hard to get any help when needed, Veesp support team always got back to me within one hour or less, efficiently solving issues that I had with my set up.

4. Uptime

Veesp has a very good uptime, and has in fact been rewarded with the HostAdvice Uptime Award.


Nowadays, you can get a SSL certificate right through your hosting provider which is a very good thing. Please refer to this article if you need more info about the process.

6. You can ask for a free trial and test it

You can choose any hosting provider and ask about a trial period – it should be free. Veesp has a 3-day trial. I ran a few tests to test my servers such as Apache Benchmark and JMeter and they went smoothly.

7. SLA and a money back guarantee

Finally, Veesp has a money back guarantee and they can refund your money if needed. What comes to myself, after five months of using it, I absolutely don’t regret my choice!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

This is a guest article by Vadim Eremeev.