A guide to a perfect WordPress website: 5 simple steps for beginners

A guide to a perfect WordPress website: 5 simple steps for beginners

Is it possible for beginners to create a perfect WordPress site? The answer is yes. This guide will give you an insight into the things you need to do and even though you are not a good paper writer you can still get premium contents for your site. WordPress is rated the best among other CMS systems in terms of security, ease of use and reliability. Therefore, using WordPress is a big plus for your business and brand.

Not convinced that you can create a perfect WordPress website? Check out these five easy steps:

1: Get a Domain Name Plus Hosting Package

The first step is to get domain name so people can find your website. For better understanding, google.com is a domain name.

Where can I purchase a domain name?
There are many hosting companies where you can purchase an affordable domain name. GoDaddy and a couple of domain providers are sites to check for an affordable domain.

The domain name must be unique. What this means is that the name should be available and not in use by another person. Your next target after purchasing a domain name is to get a WordPress hosting package.

2: Install WordPress

After you have purchased your hosting package, your next target should be installing WordPress platform on the new site.

How can I get help to install WordPress?
WordPress is easy to understand and use. And there are WordPress experts available to help you when you encounter problems while installing WordPress platform. Most of the companies that host websites provide IT support to beginners. They help their clients with the installation process and ensure their website is running fine. You can also install WordPress on your own through the control panel area.

3: Choose A Suitable Theme

Choosing a suitable theme is what should be on your mind after installing WordPress. You will find hundreds of free themes from WordPress, though most people prefer buying premium themes from other providers.

Themes are the main background design or foundation of your website. Just as choosing the right essay research topics is great for students, the right theme will make your site look great.

There are things you should consider before choosing any premium theme:

  • Is the theme customizable?
  • Does it meet all my requirements?
  • Will I outgrow the theme quickly?

What to do with a premium theme?
If you are buying a premium theme from other providers such as Elegant Themes or WPZoom, ensure that you download the theme onto your computer, then upload to the WordPress installation. After uploading the theme click activate to get it running.

4: Customize your theme

There are customizable themes you can get. You can customize logos, colors, menus and even the website layout. Your website should be designed to the liking of your customers or visitors, so take time to edit it properly.

5: Add quality content and images

You have gotten to the last stage of finalizing your website. You need to create pages, add content and upload the relevant images. Remember that the content is king so provide top quality contents always. You can get custom paper writers to provide quality content for your site even if you are not a good writer.

Once you have provided contents, then you are ready to go live.


Creating a WordPress site isn’t as difficult as many people think. You don’t need to have any programming or coding knowledge when dealing with WordPress. This guide will improve your understanding of how to create a website even though you are a beginner. Follow them and you will be able to create your first site like a pro.

This is a guest post by Amber Wilson.