8 useful sites for web developers

Happy new year! 2011 is finally here. What about starting the new year with some absolutely awesome websites and tools to make your web developer life easier? I have compiled a must-read list for you.

Min.us: The easiest way to upload images

Any developer, designer or webmaster have to share images online with clients and co-workers. Min.us is an all new service that allow you to upload images extremely easily: Just drag and drop them into Min.us and the image will be saved on their servers. A short url will be automatically created so you can share it across the web.
» Visit Min.us

Wirify: Transform any web page into wireframes

Wireframes are extremely useful when designing a website. Wirify is a bookmarklet that allow you to instantly convert any web page into wireframes that you can study or use for your own work.
» Visit Wirify

CSS Resetr: View and compare CSS resets

CSS resets are a must have in any stylesheet in order to render differences between browsers. Since 2004, a lot of differents CSS resets has been published. So, which one is the best for your project? CSS Resetr let you compare the result of the most popular resets on a web page.
» Visit CSS Resetr

Head JS: Speed up your site with 2.30 kb of Javascript

Head JS is a simple and light (2.3 kb) script that will make your site faster by loading other scripts as images. Head JS can do a lot more to modernize your site: CSS3 support, dynamic CSS, etc.
» Visit http://headjs.com/

Copy Paste Character: Use special characters with ease

Special characters are often a pain to deal with, because they’re not on your keyboard, and because you don’t know the related ASCII code. Of course, you can grab an ASCII table and keep it on your desktop, or you can use a new service called Copy Paste Character: Simply click on the selected character to have it copied to your clipboard.
» Visit Copy Paste Character

DB Designr: Create database schemas online

Here is a very great tool to easily create database schemas online. No need to create an account, you can loggin using your Google account (Well, I guess any CWC reader have a Google account!)
» Visit DB Designr

Web 2 pdf convert: Convert any web page to PDF

Web2PDF Converter is a very useful tool that convert any webpage into a PDF file. It works great: I’ve converted 5 pages and all where the exact copy of the html version.
This very handy tool have more to offer: You can email an url and receive the PDF back. You can also add a bookmarklet to your browser for faster archiving.
» Visit web 2 pdf convert

Easily link your html page to your JS library

Are you tired of hunting the Internet in order to find the script tag for the latest version of the Javascript library of your choice? ScriptSrc.net has compiled all the latest versions of jQuery, Mootools, Prototype and more in a single page which lets you copy it in your browser clipboard with a single click.
» Visit ScriptSrc