8 tips and tricks to create a killer “advertise” page for your blog

Most blogs are selling ads spaces, or at least, they try. During the last weeks, I visited many blogs and studied how do they spread the info about their ad spots sells. Here is 8 tips and tricks to create a killer advertising page for your blog and attract new advertisers.

Make your “advertise” page visible

This is a basic tip, but it has to be said, regarding the amount of blogs who hide their advertise page and simply display a link on their about page.
Most advertisers don’t have time to loose by searching how they can advertise on your blog. There’s billions of blogs, so if they can’t access your advertising infos and price, they’ll simply advertise on another blog.
To make sure that everyone can easily access your advertising page, add a link to your navigation menu or below your main add space.

Be clear about your price

Belive it or not, I saw many blog were the author ask potential advertisers to email him for giving out the price of an add spot. Seriously, excepted if your run a very popular blog, I doubt that many people will agree to waste their time by sending you an email to ask for the price of an ad space.
Even better, if you sells ads spots at a very competitive price, what about displaying the price below your blog’s main ad spot?

Selling differents ads spaces? Describe each individually

If you’re selling different advertising spaces (125*125px banner, text links, 30*250 footer ad…) you definitely should consider describing each of your space individually, just as Yaro Starak did on his Entrepreneurs Journey blog.

Create a clean table for your prices

I found this idea on Tom Riddle WordPress Theme, called Wp-Maganews. His advertising page is just stunning, mostly due to the table displaying both ad positions and price for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Add a site plan to your ads page

Another great idea is to display a huge screenshot of your blog showing where ads are being displayed. Ads position is a very important factor for an advertiser, so the most precise your are, the better it will be.

Don’t waste time. Add paypal links.

I already said it twice before, but advertisers haven’t any time to loose and there’s many other blogs that sells ad spots and links.
So if you want to stand out of the crowd, what about providing a quick “Buy it now” Paypal link, directly on your advertising page? This can also gets benefits from compulsive buying.
Though, you must think about being clear in the kind of ads you find appropriate for your blog. If you don’t say a word about that, you can for sure expect requests for porn and viagra ads!

Your blog is popular? Say it.

Remember that you’re are SELLING ads. So, you must convince your potential client that buying an ad spot on your blog will be good for him.
Always take screenshots when you hit digg frontpage, or when you’re are linked by a popular blog, and make sure to provide links so the advertiser will be sure that there’s no fake. This is a real proof of your blog success.

What about your personal experiences?

And you, do you have any tips to enhance your advertise page or attract new advertisers? Leave us a comment!