5 SEO tips to be more successful online

5 SEO tips to be more successful online

So, you’ve created a blog and spent a lot of your time trying to make it perfect. A target group of people have already been established and you’ve completed all the research in the world surrounding your niche… There’s no worse feeling than the silence that ensues after the amount of hours you’ve put into a site. But, don’t panic! Let’s take a look at five SEO tips you NEED to be using.


Using keywords is imperative to get more traffic. Finding out what the most effective keywords are is something you should research thoroughly, as you’re going to want to prioritize them.

Take advantage of websites like “Yahoo!” or “Google’s Keyword Tool.” Find words that people have typed the most often. KEY POINT – Try not to stuff these words, but instead, use a selected amount and implement them naturally.

Social Media

Social networking is an enormous tool that bloggers everywhere can use to help more visitors access their site. The main two you’re going to want to use are Twitter and Facebook. It may take some time and extra effort to develop a good following on these sites, but if the followers start increasing, don’t make the mistake of becoming a spammer.

Create a genuine community around your niche and interact with people on a daily basis. You can post links to your articles and create conversations with people about them or even just propose interesting topics to generate a discussion.

Quality Content

This is where many bloggers fall short of their potential to make their content engaging. They’ve spent so much time researching keywords that they base all of their content solely around this!

Don’t get me wrong, the keywords are crucial, but if the articles aren’t for readers, then your efforts with SEO have been wasted. Connecting with your readers on a more down-to-earth basis will be one of the key factors in whether your blog prospers or sinks.


Backlinking is where your website link is posted somewhere else. Readers from other sites may check your blog out, especially if it’s within the same niche as where the link was advertised. Posting the links can be tricky, and you want to avoid appearing as spam because you could be frowned upon by others.

Instead, propose to various bloggers about the benefits for both parties if backlinks are posted on both sites – this would be effective amongst the smaller bloggers who are all trying to get things moving just like you. Look at your competition more as allies who are all trying to get a wider audience. Interact with them and maybe you could help each other out.


Having one effective domain link to your website is pivotal. Domains, which have been in existence for a long time, are ranked higher; therefore, you may benefit more in the long-run by purchasing a URL that has been used previously.

You’re putting yourself a step ahead in being recognized by Google. If you get all the other four pointers right, an established domain will boost the visitors even further!

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This is a guest post by Maria Fedco.