15+ amazing anti IE resources

I hate Internet Explorer, and I'm pretty 99% of you do too. In this article, I have compiled a complete list of 15+ "Anti Internet Explorer resources: Informations, graphics, code snippets and way much more!

The facts: Why IE is crap

IE sucks. Every web worker heard that sentence at least once. Of course, yes, it does sucks. But to be taken seriously, it is important to know why it sucks and not just follow the anti-IE hype.
This first part of the article is dedicated to blogs, websites and articles demonstrating how weak Internet Explorer is.

Kill Bill’s Browser: 13 good reasons to say bye to IE

This well known website show 13 excellent reasons to say a definitive goodbye to Microsoft browser.
» http://www.killbillsbrowser.com/

Why IE sucks

This whole blog is dedicated to demonstrate why, and how, IE6 sucks. A very interesting read and a must have for your RSS reader.
» http://whyiesucks.blogspot.com/

Why you should dump Internet Explorer

This is an old article. In fact, it was published in 2004, when there were a lot less complains about IE than nowadays. This article is another interesting read which point out IE weak points.
» http://www.lockergnome.com/news/2004/06/15/why-you-should-dump-internet-explorer/


This blog is another website 100% dedicated to show how Internet Explorer is crappy. I enjoy reading it because it demonstrate true facts, but aways with some humor that I enjoy very much.
» http://www.iesucks.info/

Anti IE Badges, Tools & Notifications

The least we can do is to let idiots IE6 users know that their browser is obsolete. Lots of codes snippets are there to help you.

Too cool for IE

The “Too cool for IE” was a successful online campain to dump out Internet Explorer. On this website, you can download a Javascript code that will detect IE and automatically redirect the loser user to a page where he can download a real browser.

Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame is a IE plugin that will use the Webkit rendering engine instead of the horrible Trident. It also enable faster Javascript, using recent technologies.
The good point is that it will allow a IE user to keep his long-time favorite app while correcting its mistake by using a newer technology. The bad point is that a IE user don’t like to change.

Anti IE buttons

This page is about ten years old but still, it have nice “old school” buttons that you can proudly display on your blog or website.
» http://toastytech.com/evil/buttons.html

WordPress plugin: Anti-IE

The plugin name says it all: Once installed on your WordPress blog, it will detect Internet Explorer 6 and will display a page saying that your blog deserves better than that.
» Anti IE6 plugin for WordPress

Tools to kill Internet Explorer

Notifications aren’t bad, but I don’t think that will seriously help people switching to a decent browser. I got in mind the perfect exemple of a person who don’t want to drop IE6 even after a complete explanation about why this piece of crap is hurting the web and stopping innovation.

If you really want to be rude to these even more rude persons, and definitely funny to the others, here are a list of amazingly bad jokes to do to Internet Explorer users.

Crash IE

This website have a single purpose: Making Internet Explorer crash. And it works, damn good.
» http://www.crashie.com/

6 codes to make IE6 crash

Inter Explorer can easily being crashed by including some code in your source files. This article shows up to 6 different methods to get rid of the loser’s browser.
» http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/6-html-and-javascript-codes-to-crash-ie6

IE6 splash pages

We all like IE6 users. If you really, really love them you should show your kindness by using one of the extremely rude – but funny – splash pages images that hugsformonsters.com created. (They have been removed from the original site, though)
» http://laughingsquid.com/overly-judgemental-internet-explorer-6-splash-pages/

Serve IE6 users WordPress default theme

Using WordPress? hating IE6? If you answered a clear “yes!” to both those questions, you love this tutorial. You’re going to learn how to serve th default WordPress theme to IE6 users.
» http://www.nathanrice.net/blog/serve-ie6-visitors-the-default-wordpress-theme/

How to kill IE6 on your WordPress blog

Another nice hack to make IE6 crash without even letting it the necessary tome to load the page.
Not that this can be implemented on any kind of websites, not only WP blogs.
» http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-kill-ie6-on-your-wordpress-blog

Even more fun

Who though a (stupid) web browser could inspire designers and marketers to create products as such as T-Shirts or mugs?

“Damn you, IE” mug

Are you used to work extremely late in order to finnish fixing IE bugs? If yes, this coffee mug will be your best friend in the office, especially on friday night, when your colleagues will already be at home since a long time.
» http://mugs.cafepress.co.uk/fuck-internet-explorer

“Fuck Internet Explorer” TShirts

Simple but efficient!

“I trash IE” wear

If your boss force you to use IE at work, you should definitely consider offering him an “I trash IE” tie for Christmas.
» http://www.zazzle.com/internet+explorer+suck+gifts