100 free downloadable PSD mock-ups

As a web designer, you probably often need to design mock ups of books, CDs, bags, etc. Designing that stuff from scratch can be really long and complicated, but happily Photoshop actions can make the job a lot easier. Today, I'm gald to introduce you a pack of 100 free mock-up actions for Photoshop.

What’s in the pack?

The pack contains 100 different actions which can each create a different item such as bags, countless different books, flyers, CDs or Blu-rays cases, magazines, and more. Amongst the hundreds of actions, you’ll even find a mock-up suitable for a bag of chips, or maybe some popcorn.
The mock-ups render up to 12,400 x 9,300 pixels at 300ppi.

How to download

Good news, the mockups are freely downloadable. All you have to do is to go to Webdesigner Depot and enter your email address. The download link will be sent to you by email.

How to use

The mockups comes as Photoshop actions. Using them is super easy: Prepare your artwork, run the action in Photoshop (CS4 or later), and you’re done, here’s a high quality mock-up.

Each mockup action creates a PSD which can be further customized, giving you control of highlights and shadows, as well as letting you apply your branding to the project. Use them for advertising, presentations, webpages, or anything else you can think of, because they’re royalty free.

Click here to download the 100 PSD mockups pack now!