5 Python scripts to optimize your website SEO

Python is not only an amazing programming language, it's also very helpful when it comes to developing tools for SEO. In this article, I have compiled 5 of the best Python scripts to optimize your website SEO: Check broken links and indexed URLs, grab data from Mozscape, and more.

Getting your website ready for Black Friday (already)

Deep discounts are not the only thing you need to succeed on Black Friday. Your website will get more visitors that day than any other. If your site can't handle the increase in traffic, potential customers will give up and shop somewhere else. Missing out on all that revenue can be disastrous, so you need to make sure you're ready for the big day while there's still plenty of time to make any necessary upgrades.

Useful tools and resources for web developers

Web design starts with the research, everything that you are going to put on your website, should be properly researched. And then we come up with an idea of how the website can be improvised. Then comes the designing part where we design the website and we wire-frame it. After the designing is done with proper User Interface and options, we start the coding. Coding generally requires a lot of work and patience, debugging and ensuring the proper output of the code. After the coding is done, we move forward toward testing our finished product when it comes to a testing phase.

10 essential eCommerce tips & best practices for your site

The time-worn maxim of “An hour of planning saves ten hours of performance” should be kept in mind when considering your eCommerce deployment. As eCommerce has evolved, so too have customer expectations. A simple order form is no longer acceptable, but rather a complete customer experience is necessary to attract and maintain a client-base. Today, quick service, detailed product information, ease-of-use, and accessibility are all crucial for a successful eCommerce website.

Things to consider when building a website for a yourself or client

The business landscape has drastically changed with the onset of high Internet penetration rates across the world. Websites have become an integral part of doing business and statistics show that consumers start their search for products and service online then contact the business to make the purchase. There are over a billion websites in the world, and website developers need to stay abreast of the trends and tactics that attract and retain visitors. Here are few important things to consider when building a website for yourself or clients.

MailOptin Giveaway: 2 standard licenses to win!

For our new giveaway, we are partnering with MailOptin, a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert visitors into email subscribers and engage them with beautifully designed emails. Prizes are 2 standard licenses, so read on and try your luck!

5 Tips to ensure website performance

You've designed and built an amazing website. The content is high quality and SEO-friendly. You offer a great product. And none of that matters if your website doesn't perform as it should.