WordPress contest: Win a premium WP Theme!

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Did you noticied that some days ago, Cats Who Code gets a new design? To celebrate 6 months of successful blogging, I’m very happy to announce our Christmas contest: Win 3 premium WordPress themes coutesy of John Kolbert.

Introducing MyHomePro

My friend and talentuous designer John Kolbert just created MyHomePro, a new Premium WordPress theme. To celebrate MyHomePro launch as well as Cats Who Code first 6 months of existence, John and me decided to run a contest and give away 3 copies of MyHomePro for free. But before I get into the contest details, let’s take a look at the MyHomePro theme.
Here’s some of the possibilities of MyHomePro:

  • Compatible from WordPress 2.5 to WordPress 2.7
  • Share your online life! Custom admin interface to show your Diggs, Flickr photos, Tweets, and many many more!
  • Styled comments created for threaded and paged comments in WordPress 2.7! Automatically adjusts to the legacy comments for earlier versions!
  • Widget Ready Widget-ready sidebar and a custom coded footer for displaying your online activity. Simply beautiful!
  • Fluid or Fixed Width Templates Purchase the fluid or fixed width templates to meet your own needs.
  • Beautiful Code! W3C valid code designed using a minimalist approach. Tabless CSS makes customizations a breeze!
  • Standard Blog or Custom Homepage: MyHome Pro comes pre-built with a custom homepage that you can use to show off your profile picture, biographical information, recent posts and advertisements. Want a standard blog home page showing just your recent posts and a sidebar? No problem. It’s all included!
  • Very easy to customize: Due to its clean code, MyHomePro it’s very easy to change color, layout, fonts, etc.


MyHomePro Theme

MyHomePro Them

Win 3 copies of the MyHomePro Theme

To register for our contest and try to win one of our 3 free copies of the MyHomePro theme, simply write an article about Cats Who Code or WpRecipes (Or both, that’s even better :) ). You can review the blog, talk about this contest or about any post I’ve published. To be valid, your article must have a link back to Cats Who Code or WpRecipes. Once done, post a comment on this article to make sure I know about your participation.

Winners will be randomly choosen and announced on December 24, just before Christmas so winners will have one more present :)

Can’t wait? Then buy the MyHomePro with a 20% discount!

If you can’t wait until christmas to get your hands on MyHomePro, I got some great news for you: I got an exclusive coupon code to get 20% on the theme.
To get it, simply suscribe to rss feeds from Cats Who Code or WpRecipes, and you’ll have the code!

Hope you’ll enjoy this contest! Good luck to everyone.

  • http://www.geekandtech.net Rainbow

    I participate. An article on WP-recipes or Cat’s code who will soon be published on my site.
    Good luck to all participants!

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    Can’t wait to read it :) Good luck to you!

  • http://www.geekandtech.net Rainbow

    And now the article about the contest : http://www.geekandtech.net/concours-gagner-un-theme-premium-wordpress/

  • http://www.emmaquequish.com EmmaB

    Since I am a reader of both blogs, I’ll write about both.

    I guess this is what you told me about on Twitter huh?

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  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @EmmaB: Exactly, this is the contest I told you about some days ago…Good luck!

  • http://www.emmaquequish.com EmmaB

    Hey JBJ

    I did a review of both blogs on my new gallery/review site. (You already commented on one of the articles). It was born last night, and I am still working on customizing the design :p


    You’re blogs are actually among the first that I have reviewed :)

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @EmmaB: Great! good luck for the contest!

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  • http://thoushallblog.com/new-email-subscribers-this-is-just-for-you/ Blog Setup

    I’m sad that I wasn’t told about it before….. ;-(. So I’m gonna give it a pass……(Just joking, Jean) If the time permits, I’ll do a short review.


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  • http://john010117.com/ John

    Hey JBJ – glad you’re running this contest! Happy 6-month anniversary of CatsWhoCode – you deserve to be praised. I’m glad you and your friend are running this contest – there’s no better way to get more traffic.

    Oh and I wrote a review of this site as well as WP-Recipes.

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Blog Setup: You’re not late, the contest just started today :) Do not hesitate to write an article, I’m sure it will be a good one, just as any other you wrote.

    @John: Very cool article! Thanks for joining the contest. Good luck!

  • http://www.se7enize.com SE7EN

    I love to join contests. I’ll come back with a blog post.
    Happy 6-month anniversary. My blog will turn 1 year on the new year :)

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @SE7EN: Thanks! You’re welcome to join at anytime!

  • http://www.fensterfolien-shop.de/ Fensterfolie

    I also wish all participants good luck and a Merry Christmas.

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  • http://www.werewp.com hd-J

    Since I have already written an article about wprecipes when you launched it, I guess I will write a review of catswhocode this time! :)

    It will be ready in a few days!

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @hd-J: No problem, that counts for the contest :)

  • http://www.livelifetothefullest.biz/wpblog Matt Helphrey

    The theme you are using now looks pretty darn good. Clean, flows well, and looks very professional.

  • http://www.stephan-nix.de snix

    Here is my blog post:

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @snix: Thanks for joining, Stefan. Good luck!

  • http://kloudesign.gr klou

    My post is the least i can do for your wp-tips :)


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  • http://www.kevinpaquet.com Kevin Paquet

    I joined with my personal blog and linked with it here. Can I join with my other blog and link to wprecipes?

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Kevin Paquet: Sure you can :)

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  • http://www.wpthemesnews.com WPThemesNews

    Here is my entry !

    Good luck to all and thanks for this opportunity !

  • http://www.free-istuff.co.uk Milo

    good contest, will add your link to one of my blog posts in a mo

    nice way of getting a bunch of links eh? ;)

  • http://www.werewp.com hd-J
  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @hd-J: Love your latest post, I even posted it on Twitter :) My cat is very honored ;)

  • http://www.werewp.com hd-J

    Well, he is really famous, I am sure everybody among the WordPress community knows him by now!!

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  • http://training24.net Blog Setup

    Really a great new design! Are foreign articles about catswhocode allowed?

  • http://blogmastering.info Touchcream

    Now, i just have to wait ! :p

  • http://blogmastering.info Touchcream

    Arf ! i won’t have time to write an article, maybe i will be faster next time :)

    great contest anyway !

  • http://www.se7enize.com SE7EN

    uhh I’m almost too late? my entry http://www.se7enize.com/nice/premium-wordpress-themes-contests.html

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @SE7EN: It’s ok :)

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  • http://www.Rarst.net Rarst

    Here is my entry :)

  • http://premiumtheme.info/ PremiumThemeInfo

    Here is my entry

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    The contest is over. Winner have been annonced here.

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  • http://www.christmascards.co.uk Russ ” Christmas Cards ” B.

    What a great prize and a clever way to build links to a great product. I’m just looking for a template to use on my first WP project, think i’ll be using a free one initially but will look at your premium one if the site takes off:)

  • http://www.internetmarketingcentral.info Valentino

    Ups, I missed this nice contest..

  • http://aussie-jobs-online.com/ Richard from Aussie Jobs Online

    D’oh! Trust me to come across this too late! Looks like a great theme, I must say…

  • http://evytaar.com Evyta SEO

    Wow, I like the theme option :D
    I’m late to read this post :( how much your theme prize is? may I know?

  • http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/tunturiana/ tunturiana

    Well, is it gonna be anothr one? :)

  • http://angrynative.com/ Mr.Angry

    I used to have a cat that looks exactly like the one in your avatar.

    He was even a black tuxedo cat.

    I miss him. :(

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Mr.Angry: Sorry to hear that :(

  • http://www.freewebsitethemes.com Free WebSite Themes

    Great idea, I wish we could have joined the contest . . . where were the winners shown?


  • http://www.desperate-housewife.net/ Beth @ Casual Relationships

    That’s a nice theme there Jean. Simple and nice and looks totally professional. Would have loved to win it :( Anyway too late I suppose. And yes, where were the winners shown. Nice theme. Hope you have another contest soon. Cheers

  • http://www.deepblue-digital.co.uk/ website design

    Does anyone know where the winners are posted and what was won? Any info on another contest would be great as well.

  • Dmitri Zatona

    Hello 2 everyone :)

    Just want to ask — maybe it will be interesting for you. What do you think, $50 for premium WP theme it’s a little fee or not? Let me know please. I’m asking about that because i’d like to create some :)

    I can create themes that are really cool and they are better then more on the market. Just trying to understand can i make money on that or not )

    Thank you!

  • http://www.wprecipes.com Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Dmitri: If the theme is really good, $50 isn’t that expensive. If quality is here, you’re sure to make money. If you create themes, contact me to organize a contest and spread the word about your themes!

  • http://www.frontpage-templates-themes.com/ Frontpage Templates

    The new MyHome template looks great. I think contests like this are a good idea because this thread actually has a lot of very nice designs linked from it, like the ones from SE7EN & Rarst. I had to bookmark this so I can come back and check out all the other designs. I’d love to see a full list of all the entries, :)

  • http://www.Rarst.net Rarst

    @Frontpage Templates

    Thanks for compliment, I am no designer and it takes a lot of effort to keep my blog decent looking. :)

  • http://www.askwebdirectory.com ask web directory

    Wow, that’s a lovely theme. So elegant and simple. how could have I missed this :( Great stuff Jean. and the contest idea is really good. when will the next contest be? I want to win too. Thanks.

  • http://www.tradecredit.co.uk Trade Credit

    Great theme. Nice work Jean. Simplicity at its best. I’ve always been a fan of simple themes. Too much graphics never worked for me. but i guess I’ve lost my chance for this themes. Anyway, nice work. Appreciate the work

  • http://www.kanhupanda.com Indian Web Designer

    That is one of the cleanest WP themes I have seen yet. Excellent job!

  • http://www.strokeking.com/categories/Teen/ Teen

    Great giveaway! I have been thinking about doign a redesign of my site for a while but haven’t gotten the gumption up to do so yet. Nothing better than free code.

  • http://www.yourflorists.com Stacy @ Local Florists

    Lovely theme. love the colors and the whole layout. Simple,nice and professional. I like that. Definitely worth a try on my personal blog. but unfortunately I didn’t win it :( Better luck next time I guess.

  • http://www.tradingforexreviews.com/ FX

    Great design, you should be proud of yourself. I wish I had all of your skills and creativity. I guess it takes practice and patience two of my weaker points.

  • http://www.Mr-Seo.com Mr Seo

    Clean, sharp and smart theme. Will there be another contest?
    Congratulations for My home pro!

  • http://www.fluke-ti10.com/ Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imager

    I was too late. I guess there wont be another competition… Bad luck.
    The theme looks great. Love it. Simple and the colors are very soothing to the eye. I think 50$ is a good price for the theme.

  • http://www.fluketir1.com/ Fluke TiR1 Infrared Camera

    My friend who dropped by yesterday mentioned me about your site. Well yes, we’ve missed it. But is the theme for sale? Or any other themes? I’m looking for a theme something similar to the one you had given out in the competition. Thanks.

  • http://www.veterinariandirect.com/ Veterinarian

    That’s the most simple and clean theme ever. Would be so cool to win it. but I guess its too late. But who on it? is there a blog which has used this theme? It would be nice to have a real life look of it. Thanks again and please let me know if you will have another competition.

  • http://orangerecipesonline.com oranges recipes

    myhomepro looks like a pretty awesome theme. Are you gonna be having another contest anytime soon?

  • http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-raise-my-credit-score-fast improve my credit score

    i really find your blog extremely useful and informative. great job with it. i would have like to win that theme. but too bad. Anyway, great job. Appreciate all the efforts. Cheers

  • http://www.rockfuse.com/blog Nadeesha @ ROCKFUSE Blog Resources

    Nice the theme looks really appealing. Simple and nice too. I really love the fact that it is tabless CSS. it makes customization such an ease. Too bad I missed this. Hopefully next time.

  • http://www.ratecatcher.com/ best savings account

    Interesting article. I’ve been looking around your blog and most of your articles are really awesome. Love this theme. simple and nice. but too bad we missed it. hope you guys have another contest soon. Thanks

  • http://www.soldoutbroadwaytickets.com/football/ Football

    Love the theme. WordPress themes have a really awesome variety. WP it self is a really awesome CMS. So much possibilities and functionality. thanks for giving away the theme. hopefully next time I can win :)

  • http://www.chickmagnetstuff.com chickmagnetstuff

    I’m still new in wordpress still in the process of learning, but I think that’s one of the neatest theme I’ve ever seen very nice indeed.

  • http://tan.gy Tangy | Affiliate Marketing

    I use John Kolbert’s themes on a number of different blog installations for my affiliate marketing blogs. The themes he comes up with are fantastic – very configurable and easy to use.

    Sorry to hear I was too late to win this!! :)

  • http://googlepeoplesearch.net Google People

    Wow, that template looks pretty cool.

  • http://sdsforward.ru/services/web_design.php webdesign

    Really good post, simple to read, easy to understand.
    This theme is interesting for me, I use it in a lot of different blogs.
    Thanks for helpful article.
    Good luck.

  • http://www.yellowseo.com Yellow SEO

    Very nice and clean wordpress theme I like the social bookmarking twitter, digg activity links in the footer.

  • http://taylorolson.com Taylor

    i love the theme, cool and nice. Hope i can win during the next contest

  • Amanda Tailer

    Thanks for a great theme! It’s really nice. I like it.

  • http://www.backlinks-manager.com Website Backlinks

    “Cool Person Likes cool Theme”

  • http://www.clippingpath24.com PathZone

    Good theme. i missed the contest. What about next contest. i wants to win that.

  • http://holisticweight.com/ H. Ken

    ahh.. missed the contest.

    Sub in the email list.. hoping

  • http://www.seolight-blogger.com Natural Seo, Andrew

    Cool theme, I liked it. A bit late for contest, though… ))
    Anyway, good luck with the sales!

  • http://insuranceinusa.info George

    Thanks for MyHome Pro ! It is a great theme.

  • http://bestmusicforum.com Music Forum

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • http://www.perfectwriting.co.uk/dissertation/ Dissertation

    i missed the contest. What about next contest. i wants to win that.

  • http://www.physiciandesigns.com/ Medical Website

    I think this wp theme is ideal for my new blog which is going to b released somewhere in next month. Thanks to you that i found it. Exactly what i was looking for.

  • http://mikeandtoby.com/ Mike

    Could you post the links to the winner’s websites so that I could have a glance at your premium wordpress themes?

  • http://www.laptopsearcher.com/ Laptop computers

    Love this theme, really clean and well designed. I think the admin panel looks really useful too. Minimalistic themes like these are definitely my favorite.

  • http://taylorolson.com taylor

    thanks for the information shared. Im sure it wll be helpful and interesting for people who are keen on the topic

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  • http://www.dinkydau.net Jeniffer Aaron

    Fantastic Informations, i just found this blogpost story from my technorati profile news feeds section! I was searching for this since past 3 months and i am glad to see it here. Thanking you much


  • http://www.a-zworld.ca Becca Redfield

    not just a great contest but also an interesting one. hope you keep postings updates… ;)

  • http://www.northstar-website-design.com Fred Campbell

    Hi, I just tried the link to MyHomePro and seems to be broken?

  • http://ensema.co.uk Benyamin

    The link to MyHomePro is still down!