Top 12 Premium WordPress themes of 2008

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2008 has been a very profilic year for the premium WordPress theme market. In the following article, I have compiled a list of my 12 favorite premium themes released this year, to give your blog the profesionnal look it deserve!



Busy Bee

Wp Showcase


Open Air


Fresh News


Revolution Office



And you, what is your favorite premium theme from 2008?

  • Tschai

    There are a bunch good ones, but no great ones…considering they’re premium.

  • Catrin W

    I think they are really great ones..
    Tschai, if you want something really special, then you should customize them, or order custom designed one.

  • Agolf Cartson

    What parameters did you choose from? Pure layout or did anything else influence your choice?

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Agolf Cartson: They’re just my favorites. No other criteria except the fact that I love them!

  • Reza

    wow , very cool :D nice .

  • Edy

    I like WP, I think that WP is a really innovative platform, allowing most of bloggers, designers, artists to communicate to familiar audiences, it has a lot of interesting themes.
    I have been using WP for a couple of months. I find those themes very delight and more useful. happy new year and Glad to see you.

  • Honour Chick

    all very cool themes, thxs :)

  • Rainbow

    I think, the best theme are made by woo theme.

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Rainbow: Indeed WooThemes are great! The one you’re using on your blog is awesome. What the theme name?

  • The Poker Jerk

    What’s so great about these? I mean they look fine, but not much better than a decent free theme.

  • Rainbow

    @ JBJ

    It’s name is typebased and it’s free !

  • Evyta SEO

    @ rainbow, yes I agree with you. Woo themes gives the best premium theme. besides the lay out, design also amazing there

  • cooiky

    i like wordpress,and there are many themes we can use for free

  • Valentino

    Great themes, but I’ve never use paid themes :D

  • Neil | Bartul

    That Ambience theme is just lovely. And I like how the Newspaper theme looks. Quite similar to what I’d expect a major newspaper site, with a good aesthetic sense, would look. Cool. :)

  • Armen Shirvanian

    These themes sure do have some positive elements about them. The industry theme has some futuristic-looking sections to it, as the colors fade out into the distance. Ambience has quite a designer’s look to it. Open Air looks like a clean way to present content in a relaxed fashion.

  • dofollow backlinks

    The newspaper theme is awesome. Clean but detailed!

  • Atniz

    It is awesome! All I can say is that you did a wonderful job. My favorite of all is Flexx

  • The printable calendar dude

    Thanks for the great themes… What about doing some WordPress photo blog themes next? Be great to have a list of the best of these…
    Thanks :)

  • Todd

    For whatever reason I am digging the newspaper theme. Clean, simple, archetypal… It’s like everything a newspaper site should be!

  • Geoserv


    Good list, but I have seen some better looking free ones.

  • Wei Liang | Earn Money Online

    Have you forgotten Elegant Themes? I think they provide one of the best themes at a decent price. No doubt, some of the themes you have choose are nice as well.

    Wei Liang

  • Sean (Get your free wordpress setup)

    I think that there is a big hole in the premium wordpress theme scene. These themes are good but not really usable in most cases. As a heavy wordpress user and developer I could not find premium themes to use for our clients and end up designing a theme from scratch.

  • Mikael

    The best thing about Elegant Themes is that Nick (the designer) is really helpful in the forum that is attached to signing up. That’s a great benefit if you’re not a designer yourself.

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    Indeed Elegant Themes are great! I should have included some of their theme in the list.

  • Susan

    This is an awesome list of themes you’ve put together!

  • David

    The “Newspaper” is awesome. Others are not so good as premium ones. By the way, Woo themes are really great.

  • MobiDhoom

    Hey, I need a theme for my new entertainement portal site…Im gonna try with one of above but i think i need a better theme bcz i have to put a lot of stuff help me to suggest for a better theme plz..

  • Margaret

    While I agree with you that these are attractive looking themes, you haven’t provided a reason why they are GREAT themes.

    Do they all validate CSS, and Code? What features does each one have that makes it better than others that are similar in color scheme and layout? Are they all WP2.7 compatible?

    “Perfection” is the least perfect looking to my eye — too much wasted space, so I’m particularly interested in hearing how it made your list as it’s sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the others that use screen real estate fully and for the most part effectively.

    I do notice that they all have a blue/grey color scheme, so perhaps that’s why you think they are so wonderful. Not that I have anything personal against blue/grey — it’s an easy-on-the-eyes combination that is also neutral or soothing. Someone with a political blog may want to use oranges or reds as those colors are more incendiary which would go along with the controversial aspects of their subject matter. Other niches would want to use greens or even pinks. Do these themes allow for changing the color schemes?

    I’ve been following the themes at and think Lyndi has created some pretty great themes that all validate and she provides an awesome set of support methods for anyone who uses the themes. Her latest one “Tweaker” is especially cool.


  • Valentines Quotes

    My dream WP Premium Theme is the Fresh News Theme. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money yet to purchase one.

  • Milo

    very nice, I especially like ambience and busy bee
    I saw this theme, and thought it was pretty slick (not, this is not my theme, and this is not an ad):

    Nevertheless, very nice themes there

  • Webmaster Radio

    I love the Revolution Office theme. I’ve used it for several clients and they were all very happy.

  • canggu

    all great themes i like it …!

  • foot

    Newspaper themes is incredible !!!

    Thank you

  • Web 3.0

    Beautiful themes but they are all premium!
    There are a lot of free beautiful themes, too.

  • Edouard

    As usual this is a very good article and great selection ! Nice one JBJ !

    Personally I begun using Flexx. It works great, has SEO and most importantly looks great and professional.

    Keep up the good work ! :)

  • Joseph Hollak

    I agree the the Busy Bee theme from Woo deserves to be on the list. Great call.

    If you do pick the Busy Bee theme, and you want to change the logo in the header that comes with the theme, I’ve written a quick tutorial on how you do it. The tutorial explains how you can use an unlimited number of your own custom logos and get them to appear randomly so each new visitor to your WordPress blog gets a fresh new logo.

    Here’s the link:

    Great list, can’t wait to see what 2009 brings and the trends that will dominate the WordPress theme “look.”

  • ri108

    Free themes is order the people can use.So you will good person.

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  • Boyz II Men

    WP Showcase has an interesting appearance but it looks a little too crowded. I can’t decide how I feel about it. I have a feeling it’s terrible for SEO though with the heavy image driven layout.

  • Danny

    I personally develop free themes for WP, premium themes are only for clients who needs something special.

  • virtumonde

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I think it is about time that I update my wordpress blogs with new themes. This couldnt have come at a better time!

  • Seguros Medicos

    WP Showcase is awesome.

  • izwan00

    Thanks for compiling the list. You maybe forget to add Arthemia, Citrus, and other great theme released last year right? I think those themes are popular too.

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  • Catrin

    I like revolution the best.

  • remove antivirus2009

    I am not sure which I like better these or the “elegant” themes from your other blog post. What I do now is I am going to be busy implementing these awesome themes.

  • fx trading

    Flexx is very good. It’s very clean and has inner intergity.

  • CMDG

    Awesome list! I like the colours of Ambience…

  • Listen To Hip Hop Music

    classic picture of Sarah Palin in the newspaper theme, lol. I like the BusyBee theme best.

  • Local Marketing

    Industry and fresh news are week. I would look for other themes.

  • Money Fellas

    hmmm busy bee,ambience,my home pro are very good……..but free themes are mostly used…… offer more…….

  • Rainbow

    Very interesting. Thanks a lot

  • Carleen, from ars logo design

    all of them are nice templates; however I´m not crazy for any of them. Anyway, it’s a good selection.

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  • domuz gribi

    thanks for list

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  • Sam

    themeforest is the absolute best place for wordpress stuff. imo.

  • Soares

    A great collection but at the moment i prefer Elegant Themes.