Super useful tools for CSS coding

When you develop a website or web app, having the right tools can definitely help you to save a lot of time. In this article, I have compiled a list of fresh and super useful tools for CSS coding.

Pure CSS

Brought to you by Yahoo, Pure is a set of CSS modules that you can use as a basis in every web project. It makes CSS development easier and the whole framework looks really clean and professional. If you haven’t already, give it a try!

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CSS only responsive navigation

Responsive layouts are very popular on the web right now, and this is definitely a good thing in my opinion. Here is a downloadable and reusable responsive navigation menu, made in CSS only.

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CSS Trashman

It’s very hard to keep your CSS files clean and compact when coding for a big project. Don’t worry though, CSS Trashman is here to help. This useful online tool examines your site, compacts styles and finally let you download a super clean version of your site CSS file so you can safely delete them.

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Instead of loading dozens of images, it is way better to load one big image and use the technique called CSS sprites. Glue is a simple command line tool to transform a set of images into a single file so you can easily use CSS sprites on your website. Super useful.

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Helium CSS

On large stylesheets, it is not so rare that several styles are not used on your website. Unfortunely, it’s not easy to find them. Helium is a JavaScript-based tool that runs in your browser and detect unused styles from your CSS file.

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Topcoat is a very neat and clean library of CSS classes specialized in form elements: buttons, checkboxes, sliders, etc. A super easy way to make your website or app look good in minutes.

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.Fitgrd is a solid foundation to build up your own responsive website. Everything but the grid is up to you and gives you the ability to save a lot of dispensable code.

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Normalize.css is a HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets. It makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. It is used by many popular sites such as Twitter Bootstrap, Soundcloud, TweetDeck, and more.

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Bear CSS

Bear CSS is a beautiful website, but also a super useful tool. Simply create a HTML document and upload it. Bear CSS will automatically generate a downloadable CSS file based on the HTML elements used. A great time-saver!

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  • Maron Aquillo

    Nice tools for CSS. Thanks!

  • Nice one. I found PureCSS very nice – I played with it a bit and I like it – maybe even more than twitter-bootstrap ;-). But I see some things here I haven’t heard of – gotta look into it!

  • Take a look at here for few cool css tools

  • Nice list thanks. Am looking forward to trying out Glue.

  • I personally have never used a tool to generate CSS – probably I should be starting using one in order to facilitate my job. looks very interesting by the way.

    PS: Is there, by any chance, a FireFox plugin that does that?

  • Really Nice post. List of tools which you have provided for CSS coding is very useful. I have used Helium CSS its great. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • nice list . thx~ XD

  • Thank you Jean for sharing the great tools of CSS. i found your article very nice and easy to understand..

  • I’m developing my knowledge of responsive sites using grids and fitgrid is exactly the resource that I have been looking for.

  • Pretty familiar with normalise.css 🙂 Nice tool.

  • Awesome tools!

  • Usefool indee. I am learning to use CSS, I am a beginner and your blog is really helpful.

  • Ronald

    Another tool that I think is very useful is because it has more than 40 css generators that can easily be put into editing softwares as well. Might also want to add it to this lsit.

  • This blog was really useful to me, saved a lot of
    time. Keep posting and help the coding community. Very useful for learners in
    basic web development.

  • anioko1

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