Crash IE6 with one line of JavaScript

Paste this anywhere on the page and IE6 will crash when trying to load the page.

<script>for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);}</script>
  • lol snippet code 😛

  • I recently developed a site targeted specifically at users with auditory and visual disabilities, and in several focus groups I was made acutely aware that a lot of disabled users have older browsers.

    So, as much as you might hate IE6, this is kind of a dick move :/

    • You’re right, crashing browsers on a production site isn’t cool. That said, this code snippet can also be used to demonstrate how unsecure and obsolete IE6 is, and why people should upgrade to a newer browser.

    • George H

      @Lawrie — Why do “a lot of disabled users have older browsers”?…

  • Just gonna use this on a live site, screw IE6.

  • Les

    Everyone should use this just to shaft IE for releasing such a lousy browser and a warning to all those who still use it today to go and get a -beep- update 😀