Change “posts” label to “articles”.

Paste in functions.php

add_filter(  'gettext',  'change_post_to_article'  );
add_filter(  'ngettext',  'change_post_to_article'  );

function change_post_to_article( $translated ) {
     $translated = str_ireplace(  'Post',  'Article',  $translated );  // ireplace is PHP5 only
     return $translated;
  • Nicki

    Would this also work to change the name on custom post types created for a specific theme?

  • Is there a way to get this to change the “New+ > Post” text as well? Also on the actual screen it says “Posts” still. I would love if there was a code this short that a ‘do it all’ type.

  • Ahh! That’s pretty neat. I’m not handy with codings myself, but would this work using ‘change_post_to_tutorial’ instead of ‘change_post_to_article’? I got a tutorial website, so I figure that would suit it well 🙂