Python: 50 modules for all needs

by Jean.

One thing I really love with the Python programming language is its incredible extensibility. Here’s a list of 50 awesome modules for Python, covering almost all needs: Databases, GUIs, Images, Sound, OS interaction, Web, and more.

Graphical interfacewxPython
Graphical interfacepyGtk
Graphical interfacepyQT
Graphical interfacePmw
Graphical interfaceTkinter 3000
Graphical interfaceTix
MSN Messengermsnlib
MSN Messengerpymsn
MSN Messengermsnp
Sciences and Mathsscipy
Sciences and MathsNumPy
Sciences and Mathsnumarray
Sciences and Mathsmatplotlib
WebBeautiful Soup
Serial portpySerial
Serial portUSPP
Parallel PortpyParallel
Command linecmd
Compiler backendllvm-py

Any other modules we should include in the list? Leave us a comment!
Into Python? Be sure to check out this article!

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  • subeen

    Thanks for the list. It’s an useful one.

  • Federico

    Cool thanks!

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  • André Roberge

    A great game module is pyglet (

    Instead of Soya (which gives a 404), you should probably list PySoy (

  • jbj

    @André: Thanks for your contribution! Both modules has been added to the list :)

  • anom

    Good list.
    sqlalchemy is pretty good.

  • jbj

    Added! Thanks for contributing!

  • JW

    Missing a compiler backend 😉

  • Ernesto Sanchez

    Awesome list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Allen Short

    Also, for network applications, there’s Twisted.

  • jbj

    @JW & Allen Short: Both added :)

  • jinzo

    Looks like you missed pymsn for MSN stuff, looks like it supports newer MSN protocols 😉

  • web design company

    How can it not have [BeautifulSoup]( on it?

  • Luke Maurits

    Vpython ( has a very nice “visual” module for simple 3D programming in Python.

  • jbj

    Post updated with the three last contributions. Thanks!

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  • Greg

    Jeepers, haven’t you pythonistas gotten round to doing something like CPAN? Doesn’t all this grubbing for one module here, another module there hearken back to, I dunno, the days of FORTRAN?

  • Jasper

    Oooh, useful. Thanks!

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  • projecktzero

    “Jeepers, haven’t you pythonistas gotten round to doing something like CPAN? Doesn’t all this grubbing for one module here, another module there hearken back to, I dunno, the days of FORTRAN?”

    I haven’t checked, but I suspect that the vast majority of these modules are on.

  • unlimitedzoom

    Djnago? Django!

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  • alon

    construct – parser/generator for protocols, declarative style. Used it for a number of protocols, much more fun then writing parsers by hand:
    also ipython – not technically a library, but can be used as one (embed a shell in an app for debugging purposes).

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  • visit now

    It’s a great website of yours. I surfed by and found it very informative. Bookmarked and check you back in a while

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  • MOin

    Thats looking like an ultimate list of useful modules and i am looking into the games some of them i never heard about. thanks for compiling some huge useful list JBJ.

  • Alexey Afinogenov

    Thanks for the nice list.

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  • Jon

    For “games,” I’d suggest Panda3D, which is more than a single module, but also does a lot more than the other modules listed. (Pirates of the Caribbean is written in Panda3D)

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  • ezpython

    Please include decimal module.

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  • Matthew

    Nice list, thanks. I think it’d be useful to include mpi4py too. :)

  • Tim

    py2exe- turns your code into a cool .exe

  • Jason S

    Neat list. Not every module might be to everyone’s taste (3 for MSN messenger interoperability? Really?) but it’s a good idea to show off some top modules. I’d add M2Crypto, which is an OpenSSL wrapper and a great all-round encryption library.

    And yes, most (nearly all) important Python packages live on PyPi and can be installed with pip (or easy_install, part of setuptools). Python actually has pretty good package management, once you look into the capabilities of pip and virtualenv (cleanroom package deployment.)

    I’d say add them to the list too, but they’re more utilities than modules.

  • Casey Strouse

    I have found a lot of really awesome libraries through Google Code. I’ve been compiling a list and posting about my favorite libraries on my website.

    Two of my favorites so far are gdata-python-client and yql, for working with the Google APIss and Yahoo Query Language, respectively.

  • Julius

    Thanks guys this is great, it would also work better if all the modules are compacted into one exe file. thanks

  • Thyag Sundaramoorthy

    Pandas is another great library for data analysis: