8 Amazing jQuery Accordions

by Alex Denning. 39 Comments

You can never underestimate how useful an accordion can be – use them for menus, featured content slideshows, squeezing more content into your sidebar; the list goes on! Making your life easier, I’ve put together a list of eight brilliant jQuery accordions that you could use on your site.

How to: Create a fancy image gallery with JQuery

by Jean. 48 Comments

Javascript is a very good way to create fancy contents and enhance your website functionnality. In this article, let’s have a look to some interesting script dedicated to create stunning tooltips and galleries with the help of Javascript.

50 sites to find free stock images

by Jean. 183 Comments

If you like Web Design, you probably use a lot of stock images in your designs. The following article is a list of 50 websites that provide free, open-sources images and photography to help you creating stunning designs without spending a dollar.

Integrate Google Search on your WordPress blog

by Maigret. 38 Comments

What would you use to your advantage to improve the ability to search your site / blog? This tutorial’s goals are the integration of a Google Custom Search Engine on your blog. We are going to harness the power of Google and provide a professional touch to your blog.

Top 12 Premium WordPress themes of 2008

by Jean. 60 Comments

2008 has been a very profilic year for the premium WordPress theme market. In the following article, I have compiled a list of my 12 favorite premium themes released this year, to give your blog the profesionnal look it deserve!

3 ways to compress CSS files using PHP

by Jean. 116 Comments

When you’re using a sophisticated design, CSS files can quickly become very long, and takes time to load. I have compiled 3 interresting ways of compressing CSS files by using PHP.

WordPress contest: Win a premium WP Theme!

by Jean. 97 Comments

Did you noticied that some days ago, Cats Who Code gets a new design? To celebrate 6 months of successful blogging, I’m very happy to announce our Christmas contest: Win 3 premium WordPress themes coutesy of John Kolbert.

Make Full Use of WordPress with the_excerpt_reloaded!

by Alex Denning. 28 Comments

Whether you know it or not, you’ll probably use the_excerpt on your website. At its simplest, the_excerpt will display the last 70 odd words from your posts on the homepage, or a couple of words explaining what the post is about, as it is on CatsWhoCode. But say you wanted to display 200 words and images. Without editing the core Wordpress files, there is no way you can do that, without installing a plugin, like the_excerpt_reloaded.

How to: Overwrite WordPress core functions

by Jean. 46 Comments

I have read many “tutorials” which told users to modify WordPress core files. This is a really, really, bad idea. Why? Simply because you’ll have to modify that file again when you’ll upgrade your blog. Here’s how to overwrite WordPress core function without modifying any core file.