12 great deals for designers & developers

When signing up for online services and products, it always pays to check if their is a discount or coupon code available to use - if you are signing up anyway, it's basically free money for you! In this post we have put together 13 amazing deals for designers and developers to use for hosting companies and WordPress theme companies, use these codes when signing up for discounts which range from 15% off up to a whopping 65% off. Here are the top deals for designers, developers and regular users.

5 SEO tips to be more successful online

So, you’ve created a blog and spent a lot of your time trying to make it perfect. A target group of people have already been established and you’ve completed all the research in the world surrounding your niche… There’s no worse feeling than the silence that ensues after the amount of hours you’ve put into a site. But, don’t panic! Let’s take a look at five SEO tips you NEED to be using.

Super useful WooCommerce code snippets

Since over 5 years, WooCommerce is recognized as the most powerful and easy to use e-commerce plugin for WordPress. In this article, I have compiled my all time favorite hacks and code snippets to extend WooCommerce possibilities.

10 tips to create successful WordPress themes

One of the things I love the most with WordPress is how easy to extend it using themes and plugins. But if you're attempting to create a theme for public distribution, free or commercial) there's a few rules you should always respect in order to make your creation the best possible for its future users.

Top 10 WordPress resources that you must use in 2017

Being the robust CMS that WordPress is, alike is its popularity among beginners and experts. Following the recent survey result by W3Tech, WordPress has been ranked as the ‘Fastest Growing CMS of 2016’. With all the money involved, the greatness that this awesome community carries and its generous attitude, WordPress is a must try for all educated people who like technology like we do.

New year, new goals – How to enhance your blog in 2017

With a new year often comes a new resolution. Are you looking to enhance your blog in 2017? If yes, you'll be interested in checking my list of ideas on how to take your blog to the next level during the year.

Top Google fonts for your designs – In action

Google Fonts is a repository of free, open-source fonts that you can use when designing a website. This article lists 6 of the most interesting fonts available, practical examples of the fonts in use and a few tips to optimize websites using Google Fonts.