ISIS Ads Management : WordPress Widget to Display 125*125 Ads

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Recently i released a small widget for wordpress (Show125) which handle the 125*125 Ads, one of the most used format to show ads on blog.

But i was not satisfied of its user interface, That’s why i rethink the whole project !!! Here comes a new Widget To Manage and Show your 125*125 Ads : ISIS Ads Management.

The New Version (1.1) is now availlable

take a look at the change log to view changes

What is ISIS Ads Management

ISIS is a widget for wordpress, you can use it to Display 125*125 Ads in your sidebar.
There is no limitation to the number of Ads you can display.
The Management of these ads is very easy and intuitive like you ‘ll see on the following video.

The Management Interface

See it in action

Take a Look at the demonstration Video


Download ISIS Ads Management

Let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment

Change log

1.1 : ISIS Ads Management can be used in non-widgetized theme using ShowAds_Inside()

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    Big thanks! it`s great plugin!

  • X-OR

    Thanks :)

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  • Kabonfootprint

    This plugin makes putting 125×125 ads is more easier…

    Thanx for creating this great plugin….

  • Make money

    thanks for the plugin
    can it place ads in 2 columns ?
    can it do tracking too ?


  • Dave-Hosting guy

    Awesome plug in. It’ll keep me from switching several blogs to different themes just so I can get this feature.

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  • Raeanne Wright

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! I was also easily able to change the size in the stylesheet to support a different ad size. I wanted my sidebar ads to be 234px wide with various heights. So I simply changed these lines of code in the isis_manage_ads.css file:

    .ads125 {width:234px; height:60px;}
    .ads125t {width:234px;}


  • X-OR

    @Raeanne Wright : No problem, you’re welcome

  • X-OR

    @ Make money: if you want to display ads in two column you have to define it in the css like this

    #ISIS_Show_ADS li {float:left;} if the width of the container is between 260 and 350 you will have your ads in 2 columns

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  • Blog for Beginners

    Yet another plugin that I think may it nicely into my blog. I’m changing it manually right now and I think this plugin may simplify and ease the process. Glad that I found it.

    Stumbled by Yan

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  • Blog for Beginners

    Hey JBJ

    I’d like to know if we can determine the spacing between ads in pixel or we have to take the default?


  • X-OR

    @Blog for Beginners: hello, you can style the output of the widget in your css using :

    #ISIS_Show_ADS li {margin: ….;}

    you can mail me if you need more explanations

  • Blog for Beginners

    I’m sorry if I’ve mistaken your name. Anyway, thanks for the response. I’m going to implement it on my blog and see how it works.


  • Blog for Beginners

    Oops, looks like if I add any widget to my sidebar, all my existing items on the sidebar will be gone. Is there any php code that I could add it manually without using any widget.


  • X-OR

    @Yan: i have just finish the new version of the widget which include this functionality.
    you can now use it anywhere in your template by calling the function ShowAds_Inside().

    i’ve just uploaded the new version.


  • Blog for Beginners

    Great! So what do I do? Upgrade it or download the fresh package?


  • X-OR

    @Yan: download the fresh package and replace the old one on your server, after that you could use the new function ShowAds_Inside().

  • Blog for Beginners


    I notice that I couldn’t find the CSS element #ISIS_Show_ADS li {margin: ….;} on the stylesheet, perhaps you have not updated it yet.


  • X-OR

    @Yan: you have to add it to your theme stylesheet, not in the sylesheet of the plugin.

  • Blog for Beginners

    All right! That’s the problem for me. I’d like to have 2×2 ads on my sidebar but I’m pretty weak with all the CSS and its elements.

    But never mind, I guess I have to be contented using the manual way of inserting the ads. Thanks for your help anyway.


  • X-OR

    @yan: As i see on your blog the sidebar is 286px width, at the end of your css file, you only have to add this line:

    #ISIS_Show_ADS li {float:left;margin:5px 5px;}

    it will normaly fit perfectly for your design,if you have more questions contact me at joydivision78(at)gmail(dot)com

  • toomanytaxis

    Hi, this plugin is exactly what I need. I have installed it correctly but the ‘add’ & ‘save’ buttons do not seem to work. I am using wp 2.5.1 with WP-Magazine Theme 1.0 Basic Edition by Michael D. Pollock. am I missing something? can you help please.

  • X-OR

    @toomanytaxis: i’ve just sent you an email

  • toomanytaxis

    Hi, I still can’t get it to work so I used show125 instead this is working but I would prefer ISIS Ads Management if I can ever figure out what’s causing it not to work. Thanks anyway.

  • suree

    hey this is a good plugin….

    can you please help setup this in a better way…

    ok i got ur mail id will mail u detailly

  • marco

    Hi all. Hope you are well.
    I’ve installed it, but I also have the add and save buttons not working. Is anything known about this issue and potentially what I can do to resolve.
    Thanks in advance

  • marco

    Last comment sent Sept 6th – Does x-or or anyone like to say anything about the problem? I dont mind going with WP125 plugin for this sort of thing but wanted to know first if there is a known problem with ISIS Ads management, and potentially a fix/resolution being looked at before it should be abandoned completely. Thanks

  • X-OR

    Hi Marco,

    i’m still looking at this problem, but right now i could’nt reproduce the error, so it’s a little bit difficult to make a patch.

    is it possible to have access to your widget page to see what happen ?


  • tom

    Hi. I’m having the same exact problem, Add/Save problem will not work. If it matters, I’m using Firefox 3.0
    Thank you.

  • tom

    I would let you into my widget page if you tell me how to contact you offline……

  • X-OR

    @tom: you can mail me at joydivision78(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Denise

    I was looking for an ad manager and was wondering if ISIS Ads Management will work on or if it is only for wordpress.

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  • Ishar

    Hi, This plugin does not show up in my plugin section to activate! Please help!!

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  • brtak

    Hi jbj, Im trying this couple of days, tweaking CSS all right, but the random order not working for me, when i refresh site, any idea? thx!

  • Daniel Massicotte

    Is this plugin still working? I installed it, however when I click “save” or “add” nothing happens.


  • Daniel Massicotte

    Scratch that. I found a plugin that is much easier to use…if you can believe that!

  • House

    thanks for the nice plugin, although it had slightly reworked to fit your needs

  • Ashley Smith

    Love the plugin. I have used _blank for the target but the links do not open in a new window. Any ideas??

  • strange

    I dont get this to work.
    I use wp 2.7.1 and the ads image url is an internal url (image is hosted on the server).
    I fill all the information needed and used _blank then i click add and save but nothing happen.
    Even in the adminpanel nothing change as seen in the video.
    i keep clicking but it seems the save and add buttons dont even work.
    whats going on here…..

    Does this stuff work or not?!?!?!

  • strange

    No updates on this?????

    Any answer???

  • Nick

    how do i remove the circle bullet and indent? editing this in the ISIS CSS doesnt seem to work

    • Michal

      The download link doesn’t seem to work. It goes to a “not found” page…

  • kasey

    i would like to try this but the download link is broken. Pleas fix i really think this is the one for me.

  • Lyndon Irvine

    Anyone have a copy of this. i cant seem to ever be able to download these guys plugins. i got a 404 from the last one and now they have a new one and its the same thing. Anyone have a copy they can send me?

  • jobucks

    the download page not found, where can I download this plugin

    • Brian

      Same here. I can’t download this plugin. Any idea where to download?

  • kim

    would like to try your plugin- was getting 404 -=



  • Mihai Moga

    Hello, the download link is broken. Could you please fix it? Thanks!

  • Denis

    Hi. Please help me fix this bugs. I have a theme options in my theme and when I change my skins throw theme options all my ads deleted. Why. And another bug in Opera with dashboard menu, they are jumping to top when plugin is active. It’s comes from mootools library, maybe you can make jquery compatible version? Thank you!

  • ryan

    The download link is broken!!