Introducing CatsWhoCode code snippet library!

by Jean.

As a developer, I really like to collect code snippets that can be useful when needed. On CatsWhoCode, most popular posts are often the ones filled with lots of ready to use code snippets. This is why I decided to add a new feature to the site, the code snippet library.

A code snippet library on CWC?

Over the years, CatsWhoCode has become a place of interest for web developers. Most popular articles on the blog are those who showcase useful code snippets which can be used directly on your projects.

This is why I decided to go further in that direction, and create a place where people can easily find useful code snippets. I have added some snippets but for now the whole library looks a bit empty. Don’t worry, I add snippets everyday so it will not take very long until we have a consistent collection of code snippets!

Visit code snippets library!

Submit your own snippets

CWC code library allows developers to submit their own code snippets so they can share them with other developers. When submitting a code snippet, you are able to link to your own website so you’ll get (hopefully) a few visits to your website. The link is dofollow, so submitting quality snippets is also good for your SEO.

All submission will be manually approved or declined, to ensure the quality of the library. I rather focus on quality than quantity. Want to submit a cool code snippet? Go here!

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  • Darklg

    Seems very cool, thanks !
    Is there a RSS feed especially for this category ?

    • Jean-Baptiste Jung

      Not yet, but that’s definitely something I’ll do soon!

  • Michael Martin

    Very nice, looking forward to seeing this grow! Will you be copying over snippets from the site?

    • Jean-Baptiste Jung

      Thanks Michael! Yes, I’ll compile some of the best snippets from the blog in the snippet library.

      • Michael Martin

        Awesome, will make for a great resource!

  • Audee

    This is very helpful and neat to find programing platform snippets!
    I hope there will be RSS feed so I can subscribe :)
    Meanwhile, I’ll bookmark it and see if maybe I can share snippets that I know soon.

  • Mario

    Way cool. I really like where you are going with this idea. I’m looking forward to seeing the library grow and perhaps also contribute.

  • Jimmy

    Please please get a RSS Feed going for the snippets page!

  • Bharat

    This is an awesome move from CWC, liked it. Thank you.

  • Vic Dinovici

    This is a great idea to have a library with code snippets! It will be nicer if it will be organized under categories (PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, etc).

    Great initiative anyway, congrats! :)

    • Jean-Baptiste Jung

      It is: showcase all snippets like a blog do. only display WordPress related snippets.

  • xander

    Have you ever tried aSnippet? Adobe air app, snippet manager. I use it for years now and it is great.

  • Bybe

    This is awesome, we should see a lot more snippets, good work!

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    The RSS feed is finally available:

  • Jasmine

    This is a great snippet library. Will subscribe to the rss feed. Thanks, this will be a good resource for developers.

  • Ahmad Alfy

    I would recommend categorizing the snippet library so If I wanted to see all the CSS snippet i go to one place … right now I see it will be very long list and the navigation is unclear. Thanks for letting search engines follow us. Regards

  • Rosaria Lucchesi

    Your code snippet library looks awesome! One question, can I use all of these code without any fee? What license of these code are?

    • Jean-Baptiste Jung

      The snippets are there to be useful, so of course you can use them :)

  • Jared Erondu

    Thanks guys! I can’t wait to use each and everyone! Yes, I love snippets like that.

  • Freddie M

    The snippets library is going to be a very valuable resource to me. It will totally save me a bunch of time.

  • GetOnIT

    Loved the responsive video snippet, that you kindly for sharing :) We have just submitted a CSS 2.0 reset snippet which some may find useful, big thanks Jean!