How to: Design a nice ebook cover with Photoshop

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A friend of mine recently asked me some help to design a cover for his forthcomming ebook. After designing it, I decided to make a tutorial and share it with you.

Disclaimer for Windows users: The cmd key on the Mac is the same than the Ctrl key on a PC keyboard.

Getting the template

While I was looking for some info about designing an ebook cover, I stumbled upon a very nice blank ebook cover template, that you can use to create your very own ebook cover. Download it here.

Design an ebook cover

Cover design

Now open Photoshop, and create your cover image. You can use the cover01_blank.psd template to make it fit our final work size.

Design an ebook cover

Assembling the template

Once you have your cover ready, merge all layers (LayerFlatten image) and open the cover01.psd template, which already contain the shape of our ebook cover.

Drag and drop your cover to the template. To modify the cover size, adjust its opacity to 60% (So you can see throught) and press Cmd+T to resize it while holding the shift key down:

Design an ebook cover

In order to finish our ebook cover, we need to distort the cover to make it fit the template shape. To do so, select EditTransformDistort.

Design an ebook cover

Don’t forget to set the opacity to 100% when you finished resizing, and now let’s have a look at the awesome ebook cover we have:

Design an ebook cover
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  • Bob

    Awesome, you make it so much easier!

  • J M C

    This is amazing! Your instructions worked – first time! Thanks so much, this will add a whole new level of “professionalism” to my ebooks…

  • Shoban

    Thanks for the tip!!! BTW wat ebook are you planning to bring out?? ;-)

  • jbj

    @Shoban: I was planning to release a “How to start your blog efficiently” ebook, but I got too much things to do right now, so maybe later ;) I already wrote something like 10/15 pages btw.

  • Catrin W

    I was always wondering how do they make it. And i though it was something very difficult :), but now i see that it could be made very easy. Thanks, now i can design ebook cover by myself

  • Maigret

    Great work, you give some ideas… :cool:

  • John Derrick

    Wow, that is super easy to do.

    I use a pluggin for Photoshop and while it’s easy to use, it has at least a dozen steps.

    I’ll have to give this a try.

  • Wei Liang | ABloggerBlog

    Great tutorial. Seems like I could do some editing to my existing EBook cover with this. Thanks for it.

    Wei Liang

  • International Shipping

    This is a brilliant article. Thank you for the great advice and also the free template. I am gonna post this link on a few sites I post on as I think people will find it useful. I hope thats ok. Thanks again for the detailed instructions and template.

    thanks again


  • Make Money Blogging

    wow.. very simple steps and I believe many will find it very useful!

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  • Movie Review Blog

    I really appreciate your effort in posting this. it does helps me a lot and the instructions are pretty clear and it really works for me.. thank you.

  • iRobot

    Great easy tutorial – thanks!

  • Webkinz

    Thanks for the tutorial and link to the cover. I couldn’t find it before and tried to draw on another ebook.

  • rajesh

    seems like I could do some editing…I really appreciate u

  • Jay

    Great article, your final result looks awesome – & you make it look so simple!
    If anyone’s looking for more templates, or software that converts your 2d ebook cover designs into like a professional product shot, here’s one I 100% recommend. ( ).
    It’s pretty cool ebook cover software that makes creating really pro ebook covers waaaay faster than modelling by hand!

    Thanks again for the great resources (i.e the blank psd file) – they’ll definately come in handy.

  • vincent

    Very nice tutorial. I was almost thinking of hiring someone to create a cover for me but this tutorials makes it easy for me to make one myself.

  • Ajith Edassery

    Man… exactly what I have been looking for. My first eBook is shaping up and I was wondering what to do with the cover. People were quoting $75 and 100 for a cover…

    I might use Paint Shop Pro but the steps you explained holds good… Stumbling the post right away!


  • The ‘sell photos online’ Dude

    The ecover looks great…
    What about using Photoshop 3D ecover actions to make an ecover?
    That’s also a good option.

    Thanks… :)


  • skyperecord

    easy tips but very get best result of Ebook cover

  • Billy Swordman

    This is a new knowledge for me. I didn’t know that designing ebook cover is just that easy. Thank you.

  • Roger Hamilton

    Great post! The tutorial is very useful to me. Thanks for the clear instructions and information. Hope to see your new posts soon.

  • Warren Wojnowski

    That first template really makes the e-book cover look perfessional. And everybody loves that perfessional look, right?

  • Website Magazine

    This is incredibly helpful – thanks so much. It worked perfectly. I’ve trying to figure out how to do that for years to no avail. Your insights are most appreciated!


    Hi Guys,
    This is the best ecover design that I have experienced till now. I downloaded it & will be using it since I am a newbie in Adobe photoshop stuff,

    Thanks again for this master piece art,


  • chad

    what are you all talking about…this isn’t a tutorial at all. It one step showing the distort tool but the title says it’s a tutorial on designing an ebook cover?

  • Desk Coder

    @chad, well, tutorial or not, it helps me out a lot. I have an eBook coming out soon, and this certainly helps!

  • Ali Rasbany

    awesome, simply genius will help me much. thank you

  • Fly Fishing for Stripers

    I’ve got an ebook in the works on fly fishing for stripers (a personal passion) and this is going to be very valuable!

  • rejidesigner

    Its cool and quick…
    Its very important to stay with minimum steps, and bring out the best – what u have done. Great!!

  • Brandon

    Great!! Thanks four this useful information..

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  • Carrie

    Wow, that’s a great looking cover. I’ll forward this to my husband, who is my graphics guy.

  • Richard from Aussie Jobs Online

    The more I read your blog, the more I’m blown away by how many helpful hints I’m finding… and they’re helpful hints that I’m actually *interested* in! Thanks for putting all this out there!

  • Penny Bright

    I thought I must hire a designer to make a nice ebook cover. Now I know how to make it myself. This is an awesome secret for me. Thanks!

  • Katie Weston

    Thanks – that just saved me $69 on getting mine done! I’ve downloaded the template and I just need to think of what to put on the cover now…

  • Mayooresan

    I thought I must hire a desinger to design my ebook cover! Thanks alot for this great resource :D

  • Tom – Entrepreneur Interview

    Creating ebook covers is easy when you use a tutorial like this. thanks!

  • videos for fun

    Are there any ps action script for this?

  • Blogging Guide

    This is cool one.. My first impression you will use the action script. But i am wrong..

    This is cool tutorial..

  • Addy

    very easy.. thanks thanks :)

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  • Ebook Rob

    Although it is very easy to do that but thanks for sharing resources. I think it saves a lot of time if we did get some such resources without much effort. It is the bright side of blogging and I do blogging for the same reason.

  • Janet Halsketten

    Wow that’s a really cool and easy way to design e-book covers. I’ve ever thought, that making e-book covers is much harder, but it seems that I was wrong. Thnx for this great post. Enjoyed reading it.

  • Raven

    Thanks so much for the template!! I am only used to working with photoshop to edit images. Do you have any links to easy instructions on how to create a cover with layers? I am looking through the HELP section right now and it’s not extremely helpful. (That is, how to add a photo image to a layer.)

  • James Mann

    I love Photoshop and have been using for years. Mac has had the power to run Photoshop forever but not so for the PCs. I used to spend a lot of time doing things as my computer slowed the more involved my images got but I still loved it.

    I would hear people saying Photoshop was too hard to learn but I would just tell them it all starts with learning the toolbar and taking one small step at a time. After they create their first image most are hooked on Photoshop as well.

  • Security Certifications

    Well this has saved me a few hours messing with photoshop!

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much! This is so much easier than what I was about to attempt.

  • virtumonde

    I just actually installed Photoshop along with Premier Pro. Although I will probably learn Premier Pro first it certainly helps to read all I can about Photoshop as well!

  • Neticule

    Very handy tutorial, thanks! Gonna go fire up photoshop right now :)

  • fat loss products

    Cool stuff, Photoshop is a wonderful program though almost everything by Adobe is!

  • Chuck Morgan

    What a huge time saver. Thank you very much.

  • Ovi Dogar

    Hey Jean,

    Very cool stuff you’ve got here!… Great resource!

    Ovi Dogar

  • Verne Philleas

    Excellent ideas, resources, and descriptions. Good tutorial. Thanks.

  • Thomas

    So easy ! So fast ! THANKS a lot for this tuto ;-)

    Best regards. Thomas

  • Corey Freeman

    This is amazing! Thanks so much!

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  • http://www.kazooli Kazooli

    Very simple yet very effective tutorial.
    Wishing you all the best!


  • Miraz Jordan

    Thanks so much for this easy tutorial. I’ve created a couple of ebooks for users of WordPress and have been trying to figure out how to do exactly this for the page they’re linked from.

    Having the Photoshop file you linked to as a basis also made all the difference.

    Your technique was simple to follow and produced excellent results.

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  • http://none Tasha

    What if I don’t have a cmd key on my computer since I don’t have a mac? How would I resize the image to fit the book cover template if I don’t have the computer key?

  • http://none Tasha

    Nevermind, I figured it out. I thought it was the windows key but it turned out to be the Ctrl key on my keypad. Thank you for the great guide, it was a huge help!

  • dona

    It is difficult for me!!! I could not do this on picasa i don’t know why but i could not create a cover for my ebook!! any other ideas please?
    Thank you

  • Dean James

    Hey Jean-Baptiste, nice step-by-step tutorial and the end results looks pretty good. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jemma

    This is by far the best instruction I have found… everyone else makes it seem so complicated. So thank you!

  • erica

    Hi!.. May i know if you do have templates for spiral notebook? thanks!

  • William K Wallace

    This will make my the task of designing a ebook cover so much easier this time. Just what I like a nice simple and easy to follow tutorial that works the way it is meant too.

  • Joy

    Thank you so much. Even knowing NOTHING about Photoshop, I still managed to make a nice ebook cover with your directions and template. Thank you again!

  • Lise

    I followed all the steps up to the dragging the cover to the template and it would not let itself be dragged…

    • Lise

      I fixed the issue, the ebook template had to be set to RGB same as my cover. It looks amazing!!!!

  • Craig Kelley

    Simple and to the point! Thanks for sharing. I used your templates to create a great cover in very little time.