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Originally created for my weblog Maigret’s Blog, Purity is a free WordPress theme available for all versions. Providing a clean and simple style, Purity is composed of 2 columns in order to promote the content of your weblog.

This guest article was written by Maigret, a French blogger which maintains a PC related blog.
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Purity Рpuret̩ in French, is a WordPress theme based on the excellent MassivePress by Jason Schuller. This gifted author is the creator of numerous free and premium WordPress themes that you can see on or on

Many features have been removed from the original theme when many others have been added or improved. It is not a simple lifting : 75 % of the code have changed !

I have always keep in mind to propose a good user experience for the visitor. Therefore, usefulness features as JavaScript have been totally prohibited during the process of creation. The loading time of a page is one my priority in this theme !

I always use this theme on my weblog but some features have been added for my needs. For instance, social links and enhanced page navigation have been removed to get a better loading time.

Nevertheless, Purity theme is full of interesting features that I will present to you now.

Key features

Among the principles features, we can remember :

  • Separation trackbacks / comments ;
  • Counter for trackbacks / comments ;
  • Numbering of comments ;
  • Support Gravatars ;
  • Support widgets ;
  • 2 sidebars widgetised ;
  • Custom field “Image” to display thumbnail on the Home page ;
  • 2 templates page for the archives and the links ;


This theme is composed of 2 sidebars, one on the right, the other at the bottom just before the footer.

First sidebar (second.php)

It is composed of :

  • Search bar ;
  • List of categories with their respective RSS ;
  • RSS posts and comments ;
  • Recent comments ;

You can also add your own widgets through the admin panel without losing the native widgets – even if you can delete them in the code.

Second sidebar (third.php)

This secondary sidebar is useful to show widgets which are not necessarily essential for the visitor – at least, in a first time.
To add widgets in the admin panel, do not forget to select Footer in the list.

Native widgets are :

  • Tag cloud ;
  • Popular posts ;


I have integrated 2 essentials plugins in the theme : Popularity Contest and Subscribe To Comments.

Install them like any other plugin and active them in the admin panel.

Custom field “Image”

This theme can display a thumbnail for each article on the Home page. Define it using the key Image as a new custom field when writing a new post. The value corresponds to the URL of the image.
The recommended size is 80 pixels by 80 pixels, but you can easily change it in the code.

Customize header

To change the default header, overwrite logo.jpg located in /purity/images/

If it does not work, modify #header in the CSS and write the complete URL for background-image property.


If you encounter any kind of problems (bugs, corrupted archive, bad translation, etc.), leave me a comment or contact me.

I am also open to suggestions !


Purity theme is free downloadable but you must leave credits in the footer and in the CSS for the original authors.
Of course, you can modify the theme as you like !

Live demo

Purity 1.0 (English version)


The archive is composed of 2 folders : plugins and theme. Extract them in their corresponding WordPress directories.
For the folder theme, create a subdirectory named purity and copy / paste the content of the archive.

That’s all, enjoy and share your customizations !

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  • Voice

    Nice theme.. Wonderfull

    However I tested it on many browsers and found out that when viewing the site in Internet Explorer 6.0.2 The top link images (for:

    * Accueil
    * Archives
    * Browse
    * Liens


    show partially incomplete.. This is a very small thing but none the less wonderfull theme.. I will mostl likely use it in the future..

  • Maigret

    Thanks for appreciating my first theme !

    I know this problem with IE and I’m working to solve it as soon as possible.

  • Susan

    Wow, I really like this theme. It’s simple but great!

  • divageekdesigns

    Gotta love IE bugs that come along and ruin all the fun. Damn IE!
    Nice theme. :)

  • jbj

    I really think that IE itself is a bug, lol.

  • Maigret

    @Susan & divageekdesigns : thanks a lot !

    @jbj : I totally agree with you, we must create the “IE killing stroke”. :D

  • jbj

    @Maigret: OpenBook integrate an option which kill IE if selected :p Anyone interested on how-to kill IE should read this post :p

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  • http://WWW.SHANKERBAKSHI.COM shankerbakshi

    I am thinking about redesigning my blog – Hummmm should i consider this theme for the new avatar of my blog…Lets make it to the list.

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  • Jamie Souef

    Crashing IE6… not a bad idea. Not wise, but not bad :P

  • John

    This looks like a nice clean theme. I may consider it.


  • Maigret

    @Jamie Souef : I support your idea :D

    @John : thank you very much !

  • MOin

    another very nice theme i like the simplicity of this theme and the way you tell people how to customize the theme to their needs secondly this theme can’t steal the love for openbook in my heart.

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  • Rüya Yorumları

    Custom field “Image”

    This theme can display a thumbnail for each article on the Home page. Define it using the key Image as a new custom field when writing a new post. The value corresponds to the URL of the image.
    The recommended size is 80 pixels by 80 pixels, but you can easily change it in the code.

    thanks man :)

  • Carvoeiro

    Hello! The theme looks great! Very clean and organized with a lot of style. I love minimalistica themes, this one is not minimalistic and I love it! Super stylish!

  • Maigret

    Thanks you so much for all your congratulations ! You permit me to be proud of my work and it is sincerely the best reward !

  • Hawaii Car Hire

    Hello Maigret

    I do have to congratulate you on the great theme! I love the light colors and the green graphic header makes it look really great.

    I’m just learning about WordPress and now I see that it’s very flexible, and that it’s possible to find great layouts and themes made by many people and best of all everything is for free!

    Keep up the good work, and good luck for your next projects!

  • Sebastian

    This is the template “CatsWhoCode” uses, right?
    Does CWC have made big changes or was it easy to design your blog the way it is? I absolutely like your blog. The design of CWC is definetly one of the major reasons why i read this blog. (the title and of course the great articles are the other reasons) :)
    It is a really cool design, i like it very much.

    Okay, Cats, Catch More Code! :D

  • Jean-Baptiste Jung

    @Sebastian: No, CWC theme has been designed by myself especially for CatsWhoCode. Glad you love the design btw :)

  • Investor

    This looks like a pretty nice theme. Whats your take on it though? Do you think I should stick with thesis or switch to purity?

  • Maigret

    @Investor : you should test Purity and make your choice. ;)

  • Zodiac Pool Cleaners

    Nice theme. I love it. I was looking for something like this for my blog about “Pools”. I will give this a try and see. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anthony Santiago

    Hi Maigret,

    This theme ROCKS! Thanks for putting this together and look forward to your other updates.

    Warm Regards,