Free WordPress theme: Introducing NYC Theme

by Jean. 38 Comments -

It’s been a long time since I released OpenBook, my free “Magazine” theme. So I’m very happy to announce you the release of my new free WordPress theme, called NYC Theme.

I created this theme because I received some emails from people asking me if I can publicly release the cats Who Code theme. I wasn’t against this idea, but Cats Who Code theme has been built especially for this blog and have many very specific features, so it should be a real pain to customize it and make it fit your needs.


  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Widgetized footer
  • Custom field to display a thumbnail on homepage
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Easy to customize
  • Classy design with nice color
  • Built-in pagination

Download/Live demo

A live demo of the theme is available on my demo server. If you want to download the theme, just click here.

NYC WordPress Theme

Questions and support

If you find any bug, or need any help, I’ll do my best to help you. Therefore, please note that I’m very busy at the moment, so you can expect some delay in my answer. Premium support is also available, if you want me to configure your theme, please send me an email.

Also, if you use the theme, a small donation will be very appreciated! :)

  • John

    The theme’s awesome! Where did you get that beautiful photo at the top?

  • Maigret

    Yes it’s a great theme ! I really love the color scheme. Good job !

  • jbj

    Thanks to both of you! got this very nice image on deviantart.

  • Tim Norton

    Jean, very nice work, it’s a very attractive theme!

  • Ajith Edassery

    The theme rocks, thanks to the excellent blue-back combo of the background img. Perhaps the footer area could have a blue b/g as well to make it look better…

    Another thing – as the image is occupying half the screen, most hot areas above the fold is
    gone… If you monetize a site with this theme, your ad revenue may reduce.

    Amazing work though…


  • kouji

    wow. :O i agree. that does look awesome.

  • james

    wow. :O i agree. that does look awesome.

  • Eva White

    Looks lovely. Nice clean lines and love the visual effect as well.

  • jbj

    @all: Thanks for the nice comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the theme!

    @Ajith Edassery: You’re right about the header image. When I was creating the theme, I have thought a lot about including it or not, and finally choose to include it.
    Anyways, it’s very easy to remove the image and replace it by a smaller image :)

  • Roger Hamilton

    That theme is lovely. Nice image you selected for the header!

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  • George

    I like that theme a lot. It is clean and real easy to look at.

  • Christopher Ross

    Awesome theme! I love the blue background.

  • Sucharith

    Awsome theme… Digged it :)

  • jbj

    @Sucharith: Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  • Universal Indie Records

    Ok… just how do i add a thumbnail on the homepage? I can’t find the instructions anywhere…

  • Robby Slot

    Nice theme, i’ve been looking for one for a my new site on NY law, i recon this is the one.. upped on digg & reddit

  • jbj

    @Universal Indie Records: You’re right, I didn’t explained it. Sorry about this. You got to create a custom field, named Image, and assign it the thumbnail url as a value.

    @Robby: Thanks a lot :)

  • Make Money Blogging

    Thanks for sharing this theme. Would probably considering using it but need some customization though.

  • Armen Shirvanian

    This theme is quite focused on a certain location, and would probably mainly appeal to people who only want this type of look. It has a dark look which is not too ominous, and this adds to its value.

  • amelia

    It looks great. I love the themes its very nice and clean. Thanks for the help!

    Internet Business

  • Konzert Blogger

    wow. : Very Nice theme Great Job.. thanks

  • parenting tips

    the themes are very nice. attractive and artistic. i like it!

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  • infrazone

    Hi, nice looking wordpress theme. Thanks for providing.

  • Frank|Mercedes Wheels

    The theme looks damn good,ideal for new york night life like pubs,discotheques.

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  • Catrin W

    I love black/dark themes and this one is really excellent, i admit. The only glitch is footer which is not perfectly suited with rest of design, but i guess that could be bypassed.

  • Tom Tayo

    Great theme and memorable contribution! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sabrina Sweetheart

    Hi JBJ, thanks for this theme. I am using it right now. Am thinking of disabling the Page Navi though, it doesn’t look right. And there is an extra ” /> showing up at the beginning of each blog post. I am still looking for where that came from to clean it up.

    Overall, I am very thankful for your hard work on this theme. Thanks again.

  • teraom

    One of the few themes that has impresed me, despite a big header image.
    I would like to change the body #5A5B5E to something lighter. (to one in this sidebar)
    try this one out and see a beautiful theme..

  • Carrie

    Great theme and memorable contribution! Thanks for sharing!

  • brandon alan scofield

    so inspiring …. the picture on header match the whole theme part , a kind of minimalist …

  • EinbauStrahler

    Amazing! I love color pickup…

  • Robyn

    Nice theme — but the download link is broken.

    • Patricia

      I really like this theme. But, the download link is broken. Is it still available?


  • York

    I love the colors for this. It’s got that cool “New York” feel.

  • Rob

    I’m going to use this theme for one of my niche blogs. Thanks!