Amazing free and premium “flat” WordPress Themes

by Jean. 5 Comments -

“Flat” design is the new trend in modern web design. If you want to make your WordPress website or blog look clean, professional and elegant, here’s a list of 10+ beautiful flat themes, both free and premium.


Link: Kite


Link: Photo

Cat Planet

Link: Cat Planet


Link: Gridster


Link: Hayden


Link: Showy


Link: Forest


Link: Head


Link: Nordic


Link: Mastery


Link: Acute

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  • Arbaz Khan

    This is a great list of the flat themes.
    I really liked Acute and Showy themes for a WordPress site. Clean and Minimal Theme :)

  • Mark Lamar

    Be helpful if you could ID which ones are free and which ones are premium.

  • Joe

    These are all great themes, especially love the mastery theme.

  • Jason

    All themes are very nice, I like Nordic theme a lot. Thanks

  • Borja

    Great! Thanks for the themes. Ill check them for my blog :)