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jQuery Accordion Plugin

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<div id="accordion">
    <div data-header="Accordion Title 1">Content 1</div>
    <div data-header="Accordion Title 2">Content 2</div>
    <div data-header="Accordion Title 3">Content 3</div>
    <div data-header="Accordion Title 4">Content 4</div>

The Basic CSS:

#accordion {
  border:2px solid black;

#accordion h2.accordion-header {
  font:bold 12px Arial,Sans-Serif;
  padding:10px 15px;
  margin:0px 0px;

#accordion {

#accordion div[data-header] {


$(function() {
        active: 1, // Which panel that will open at the first time
        sUpSpeed: 400, // Speed of the panel when closed
        sDownSpeed: 400, // Speed of the panel when opened
        sUpEasing: null, // Easing of the panel when closed (example: "easeInOutExpo")
        sDownEasing: null // Easing of the panel when opened