8 excellent resources to enhance your WordPress sidebar

by Jean.

Sidebar is a very important part of your blog. Though, it can quickly look the same than in many other blogs. I’ve compilated 8 excellent resources to help you buid a better sidebar for your Wordpress blog.

WordPress Sidebar Turned Apple-Flashy Using jQuery UI

Apple have always been Gods in terms of the way they present themselves and their products. I just love the sidebar on the Apple Startpage, and if you love it too, you might check out this excellent tutorial, brought to you by Nettuts.

Adding Tabs to Your Blog Sidebar

One of the most recurent problems in sidebar is probably its height: You put some ads, your (long) blogroll, your last post, comments…and so on. Then you end up with a very long sidebar, which can be unesthetic and not very user-friendly. Happilly, tabs are here to help. This cool tutorial explains all you need to know to start creating your WordPress tabbed sidebar.

Building a Better Blogroll: Dynamic Fun with SimplePie and jQuery

A traditional blogroll is a simple list of other sites, often in the sidebar, that are related, owned by, or otherwise friendly to the home site. Blogrolls are a great idea and on-point with the spirit of blogging, but how is a casual reader to know if any of these sites are truly of interest? This tutorial show how to improve upon the concept of a blogroll by not just listing sites, but dynamically pulling recent headlines from them, and using some fun jQuery animation.

Create a login form for your WordPress sidebar

Recently, I heard many times about WordPress users which wanted to show a login form in their sidebar. If you want to do that, this plugin is for you. I haven’t tested it myself since I don’t want any login form in my sidebar, but it seems pretty good.

Customizing your WordPress Sidebar

Did you ever wanted to know how to style your sidebar widgets with background images or create a rollover effect on your rss feed image? If yes, you should read this excellent tutorial.

How to display Popular Post in your wordpress sidebar

Displaying popular posts on your sidebar is a good thing, because theses posts can make people staying longer on your blog. This article will teach you how to use plugins/widgets to display popular posts on your sidebar and customize it.

Enhanced Sidebars with Dynamic Content

Typically, most blogs will us a standard sidebar for the entire site. WordPress users have a lot of potential functionality that is rarely used in terms of creating various sidebars and displaying them in different situations. This excellent article from Vandelay Design discuss the fact that a static sidebar is boring, and helps you to create a dynamic sidebar. A must see!

73 resources on Best stuff tu put on your blog sidebar

To finish this list, here’s a list of 73 resources to put on your blog sidebar: Del.icio.us badges, adsense, last.fm charts…Almost everything for almost everyone.

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  • http://www.neowster.com Neowster

    wow, more sleepless nights…..

  • http://www.habitationofjustice.com Lincoln

    The tutorial for improving the blogroll looks the most useful! I want to add more links back to my friends’ sites on my blogroll but at the same time I don’t want it stretching a mile long either. Sheesh. The devs at WordPress should really incorporate the use of tabs here.

  • http://www.paintbits.com greven

    Nice List! :) Thanks for adding my little article.


  • http://www.maigretsblog.com/ Maigret

    Good job, thanks a lot ! You give me new ideas…

  • http://www.techiesouls.com MOin

    Excellent stuff i was really looking that how to make tabbed side bar to save some space and 73 things tu put on side is really awesome they are giving me great ideas, brilliant post worth a stumble thumb,

  • http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/ Steven Snell

    I just clicked-through from Design Float because I thought this subject sounded interesting, so I was happy to find a link to one of my own posts. Thanks! Nice collection here. SIdebars often don;t get the attention they deserve (myself included).

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    @Steven Snell: Thanks for the compliment. Your blog is very good, I read your rss feed :)

  • http://blog.gettingrichthecertainway.net/2008/01/5-tips-for-minfulness.html Olivier @ mindfulness exercises

    In the “Best stuff tu put on your blog sidebar” I particularly like the ClickMyBut plugin. looks like a must have :-)
    All kidding aside, great resource post.

  • http://barroc-nw.org Barroc

    I am really newbie into this, thanks for this post, i will try to learn more on wordpress.

  • http://www.abloggerblog.com Wei Liang

    Great resource on the enhancement to sidebar. Design of a website often gives the first impression of whether people will read your content or not. Thanks for this.

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  • http://www.scratch99.com/ Stephen Cronin

    Hi JBJ,

    Great post, yet again. There’s a few of these that I’ll be looking at sometime in future. I wasn’t a fan of tabs in the sidebar, bu the examples above make good sense, so I’ll revisit that too.

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    Hey Stephen, glad to see you on here! I’m not a fan a sidebar tabs either, but when you have a real lot of stuff, it is sometimes the only solution ;).

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  • http://www.correresmidestino.com Zhu

    Lots of great resources to check out here! However, I think most Blogger put too many widgets and the like in their sidebar… I’d like to see things that are truly useful to readers.

    This is a great start!

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    @Zhu: Thanks for the compliments :) Indeed too much widgets are bad…It’s better to have less info, but which is read by your visitors 😉

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    @Free Janey: Thanks for letting me know about the Popular Posts plugins! Obviously too much DB requests + huge traffic isn’t that good! I never felt that my blog started to get sluggish even while being on Digg frontpage, though. My host might be great :)

  • http://pronwire.com Eric Carter

    Excellent. Thank You.

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  • http://stuartc.co.uk Stuartc

    Nice article i am new to wordpress just got my first blog set up…….

    This will help make it look a lot better just need some more time playing around.

  • http://shelliekundinger.com Shellie Kundinger

    Those resources are fantastic, I just wish bloggers in general would stick to only instally things in the sidebar that add real value to the reader. Maybe i am just partial to a lean sidebar, but for crying out loud they seem to get cluttered up with an awful amount of junk pretty quickly.

  • http://www.yourflorists.com Stacy @ Local Florists

    Nice work. great job with the list. The sidebar is one of my biggest concerns in my blog. Now i can fine tune it to just the way I want. Thanks for the information. Cheers

  • http://www.sixdegreeskb.com David Johansen

    great tips for sidebar, thanks

  • http://www.dp-db.com/web-traffic-machines Bishop Anders

    I’ve been wanting to create a blog for awhile, but debating between using wordpress or dreamweaver. It seems, from this blog and others, that wordpress would be a little easier but still be able to do all I need it to. Thanks for the info!

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  • http://bestmusicforum.com Music Forum

    Very nice information. Thanks for this.
    There are some things that i cannot understand but i’ll try my best to understand :)

    But whatever it is! I am so thankful!

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    Design of a website often gives the first impression of whether people will read your content or not. Thanks for this.

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    thanks for this post is very useful for me.

  • http://vistanow.net Dean

    Great – especially like the tabs on the sidebar, been thinking of implementing this for a while. Thanks for the tut

  • http://www.shoutingwords.com Jitendra Kumar

    Great list of resources for sidebar..

  • http://www.web-lovers.de Rolf

    Nice Collection, thanks for sharing

  • http://webmuch.com Aayush

    You just saved me so much time…the sidebar tabs and popular posts. I needed both…thanks a lot…

  • http://www.blogogeek.in Aman

    Very nice post. All of the tricks are useful. Especially, i don’t have to look for different blogs and sidebars to enhance my own look. Thanks for sharing :)