8 awesome new jQuery plugins to have in your toolbox

jQuery is by far my favorite Javascript framework, which allows developers to create stunning visual effects, manipulate data properly, and much more. In this article, I have compiled 8 new and totally awesome jQuery plugins that all web developers should have in their toolbox.

jQuery Mobile

Due to the popularity of mobile devices such as the iPhone or the BlackBerry, websites are now going mobile. jQuery Mobile is a complete framework that allow you to easily create killer mobile sites. If you want an example or a demo, just have a look to this tutorial I’ve wrote a few months ago.
And if you want me to build your mobile site, I’m your cat man. Just send me an email.

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Nivo Slider

Ah, image sliders. Nothing new about them, right? Sure, but Nivo Slider is so great that I had to write about it. This jQuery plugin allow you to create images/content slider efficiently and easily.

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jCycle is a new jQuery plugin dedicated to add smooth transitions to images. It supports 6 different transition types and is pretty easy to use. Freelancers, your clients will love it!

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Web forms are an essential aspect of a website, but theyr visual aspect is often neglected. Uniforms helps you to give a gorgeous look and feel to forms elements such as radio buttons or select drop downs, which are generally a pain to style using pure CSS.

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Thanks to CSS3, it is now possible to display a text on X different columns easily. But as you can guess, Internet Explorer doesn’t support CSS3 yet, which means that we have to find an alternative solution to use columns on the web. Happilly, columnizer is here to help. This neat jQuery plugin will help you to render your text on columns easily.

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Isotope is definitely an incredible jQuery plugin which allow you to create dynamic and intelligent layouts. You can hide and reveal items with filtering, re-order them with sorting, and a lot more. Of course, Isotope allow lots of cool animations. A definitive must-see for all web developers.

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jqDnR is a lightweight plugin for jQuery that lets you drag, drop, and resize elements. The plugin is simple, lightweight (972 bytes) and extremely easy to implement. A great way to make your website more user-friendly.

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jQuery Touchwipe

Do you want to create awesome images galleries for your mobile websites? If yes, then jQuery Touchwipe won’t deceive you. This plugin allows you to obtain the wipe event on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which can be used for example to scroll through an image gallery. The plugin is only 1kb and works on Android as well.

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  • jQuery is too good, and some of the plugins are exceptionally great.
    P.S. do you any place where i can find jQuery tutorials which help me?

    • I found ‘jquery in action’ a nice book to begin with!

    • “jQuery is too good, and some of the plugins are exceptionally great.
      P.S. do you any place where i can find jQuery tutorials which help me?”

      If you search on youtube you can find some good jQuery tutorials that go through it all step by step.

      I just did a search for ‘jQuery tutorials’ and ‘jQuery how to’ and I came up with some good ones.. Click around in the related videos too and you’ll find some more good ones.

  • jCycle isn’t new plugin, but it’s great!

  • Sebastian

    Check out bx-slider if you want even more features than nivo slider.

  • Wow.. lots of new jQuery plugins. I think Isotope is brilliant! and I’m also curious with the jQuery Touchwipe.
    Gonna dig more later. Thanks for sharing them kitty cat! 😀

  • Anon


  • Good stuff, thanks.

    Anyone know of a good radio button base toggle? I want to have 3 filtering options on a page that lists multiple blog articles: All, Exclude “Class X”, Only “Class X”

    Thx again CWC.

  • A good post, jQuery Touchwipe and Nivo Slider, the best of all this.

    Thanks for your nice post!


  • jQuery Cycle !== New or jcycle. One of the best jQuery plugins out there though.

  • Thanks for the 8 cool plugins you mentioned. Also, the article on creating WP mobile themes with JQuery, step by step, was packed.