6 awesome WordPress hacks that will save your life

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A few days ago, I decided to start a new blog which focus on WordPress recipes. To celebrate this newcommer, I have compiled a list of the 6 best WordPress recipes I have published at WpRecipes.

Get rid of curly quotes

If you publish code on your blog, or even copied code from a blog, you can say that curly quotes are a serious source of trouble on WordPress blogs. Here’s a very nice hack which will remove curly quotes from your posts. Your readers will thank you!

How to display the total number of posts published

Ever wanted to be able to display how many posts you wrote since your blog is online? Here’s a very cool piece of code to display the total ammount of post published.

How to batch deleting spam comments on a WordPress blog?

Have you ever loggued in to your WordPress Dashboard, and see that you have something like 200 spam comments? Here’s a very nice method to delete all spam easily, instead of having to delete spam page per page.

Add a “edit” link on each post

Sometimes, you read one of your blog posts and you see a typo or an error. Sure, you got to correct it. But who said you must open your WordPress dashboard, go to “Manage” and then edit the post? In this recipe, I’m going to show you how to add a button to allow the admin to directly edit the post.

Protect your WordPress blog from hotlinking

Hotlinking is the use of an image from one site into a web page belonging to another site. Many bloggers are hotlinked, and have their bandwidth used on another websites. Here’s a solution to protect your WordPress blog from hotlinking.

Restrict page view to authenticated users only

WordPress allows you to make a post private, but what about static pages? Here’s a quick, clear and concise recipe to create a private page template.

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And you, any good recipe you’d like to share? Leave us a comment!

  • http://www.resultsfoundation.com/ Roger Hamilton

    Will WordPress have any of these features as a standard? They should though for some.

  • http://thisismyurl.com Christopher Ross

    The edit button is standard on most templates but not always, as for hotlinking etc. a lot of people prefer Google to be able to find the images, it’s a great way to generate free traffic.

  • http://hayespotter.co.nr Hayes Potter

    all I have to say is, freaking greaaat

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    @all: Thanks for your comments, I’m glad you enjoyed theses recipes!

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  • http://www.cyberstudio.biz/cs_designblog Ishar

    Thanks very much for these tips. Very useful!! Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.peiprofit.com Make Money Blogging

    The batch spam removal sounds like a good tool.

  • http://freedailyforecastforex.com john philips

    Hotlinking should only be a problem if you have large picture files that are viewed thousands of times. So I never really worry about that.

  • http://www.igenerator.com.au Henrik – Web Designer

    Aww. I clicked here hurridly, hoping to find the ultimate anti-comment-spam measure. My blog is being bombarded so I’ve had to resort to IP blocking for the last few days. Thanks for the other tips though, esp. the batch spam deleting. It will save me and others a lot of time.

  • http://www.lyxia.org jbj

    @Henrik: Glad the recipes helped you to fight spam! If you haven’t installed Aksimet yet, you should install it now, it is a very good spam shield!

  • http://getting-pregnant-tips.org Stacy

    Thanks for these. I’ve been putting off launching a wordpress blog because, well, I’m pretty comfortable with making static sites. But those become ungainly as they grow, so I’ve decided to jump into WordPress and appreciate the info.

  • http://backyard-birdz.com/Window-Hummingbird-Feeder.html Jay – Feeders

    I’ve always found the curly quotes to be kind of annoying. These are some good finds. Thanks.

  • http://www.secretimriches.com Internet marketing strategies

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that hack to get rid of curly quotes.

    They have always caused me nothing but trouble with articles and I thought
    there was nothing I could do about them for my blog.

    thanks so much

  • http://www.0window.com/blog/ Catrin W

    Hotlink security is great one indeed. I have many images on my blogs and this is really useful hack to save my bandwith, but also give credit to the work i have done. Thanks again for the share.

  • http://www.cheapbusinesshostingblog.com/ Jackiebk

    I am relatively new to websites and stuff like that. I must say those points are really helpful. You can actually learn a thing or two from the comments itself. Thanks a great deal.

  • http://www.dstudiobali.com/webdesign/busby-seo-test-page/ SEO Test

    Thanks for these great source and list. And I like Get rid of curly quotes, very usefull and it is also very simple to implement

  • Me

    WTF is a “curly quote”?

  • http://www.zimbio.com/Nintendo+Wii/articles/3332/Nintendo+Wii+Fit+Game+Fun+Home+Gym+Will+Like?add=True Nintendo Wii Fit Game

    Thanks for the tips. It seems there is endless learning on the topic of using wordpress. I like this feature-rich platform, but am a little pissed off about the constant requirements to upgrade.

  • http://blog.emobilez.com Sajid Iqbal

    Thanks for this helpful list.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-raise-my-credit-score-fast improve my credit score

    Awesome list. Good work. The edit link on post is really good. It has saved many many times. Anyway nice work with the list. Keep it up. Cheers

  • http://www.konferensstockholm.biz/ Konferens Stockholm

    Wow, cool. I’m new to blogging and this post is really awesome to find. It’s seriously going to help me do a better blog. Thanks a lot for the post. Appreciate it.

  • http://www.hittaminsida.se/ Sökoptimering

    protecting my WP blog from hotlinking is a very good idea!! Thanks

  • http://www.citykonferensen.se Konferens Stockholm

    It’s seriously going to help me do a better blog. Thanks a lot for the post.

  • http://killerinvestments.net Investor

    For the spam protection, I use aksimet which automatically deletes all spam after a given number of days. You need a wordpress api key to get it to work though.

  • http://www.lances-seo-tips.info Lance

    I think the edit button is pretty standard on most WordPress Templates now adays, at least all the ones I have ever used. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be reading more into them, thanks!

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  • http://www.kitchencookwaresetsandmore.com Larry

    great tip on protecting my WP blog, thanks so much

  • http://bobspoker.blogspot.com/ Bob

    Great, the Edit button has been the only real advantage for blogger. Great that you found it, no I’ll never cheat pn WP again.

  • http://www.bobspoker.org Bob

    The edit link is really great, I really hate having to go to the admin panel.

  • http://www.sokmotoroptimering.nu/ Sökmotoroptimering

    I guess protecting my blog against hotlinking helps a little to stop scraper blogs from stealing my content. But they can still cache the images on their own hosting. I guess it’s always good to make sure to include internal links, with the full url, in your posts. This way the stolen posts at least link back the your blog.

  • http://www.sokmotoroptimeringx.se Petter

    The edit link is really great, I really hate having to go to the admin panel.

    Its a good thing to get things done easier.